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Everybody want daily passive income but they don’t know about reliable project and sustainable project.

look here have reliable daily passive income project and sustainable project.

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300$ Minimum Invest

 100$ Minimum Withdraw  

Daily profit :1% to 2% until 200%.

 (When you refer someone it opens the possibility to earn an additional 200% of earnings on the value of your package)

Business Plan PDF's


2-OmegaPro Crypto Trading

Trade Globally

Withdraw Anywhere!

A prepaid card to use and withdraw funds from anywhere

We Have A Host Of Instruments To Trade With!

We cover more than 200 trading instruments ranging from currencies and commodities to indices.

 Over 70 currency pairs, including major, minor, and exotic pairs.
 The most popular commodities from precious metals to oil
 Global Indices around the world including Nasdaq and Dow Jones
 Shares of over 500 of the world’s most successful companies

OmegaPro Ecosystem
OMP Banking: Manage your online finances with OMP Money, send or receive payouts, use your prepaid card, deposit and withdraw funds using a variety of easy to use options.

Trading: OmegaPro offers a variety of great account options for all our clients. Whatever your trading experience, beginner or expert, our next-generation trading platform can easily be tailored to suit your needs and financial goals

Referrals: OmegaPro gives you the ability to earn by referring clients to the OmegaPro trading platform. We have developed our own unique partner portal for the utmost transparency of your referred clients.

Charity: Giving back part of our profits as a company to the communities that have believed in us as a company has been an important keystone for our business since the beginning. Our charity foundations are widely spread throughout Latin America to South East Asia.

Become An Affiliate Partner

Our flexible partnership program comes with a host of competitive benefits and enables you to introduce your clients to our exceptional trading experience while increasing your revenue at the same time.

Business Plan PDF's


3-ImpulsX Passive

For only $10 adpack , once bought you will get $10 worth of advertisement credit which you can advertise in the platform ( still in development). However, the money collected are use for bot trading, what ever profit that is generated from trading, will be distributed to the adpacks holders according to how many packs you have.

The more adpack you purchase the more you will earn. Of course you can withdraw your profit, minimum withdrawal amount is $15.00. You can also use the profit to compound and make more adpacks. The beauty  of the earning will not expires, I hope to see you on the inside by Getting started on this link provided >>>  Enjoy it with us and Have a great Journey!

Presentation Implulsx



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