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Since 2023

Since 2022

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Since 2012,2011,2010,and earlier.

On line Since 2023
clix*edia,$0.25 minimum cashout.Over ten years' PTC experienced admin.Sister site of bux*edia.

On line Since 2022

buxme*ia,trusted site,experienced admin team.


On line Since 2020

omn*ads,130% return,PTC+Revshare,free membership.

adv*ev,sister site of long-term revsu*time,trusted admin.


On line Since 2019
ptc*hare,from paid*rts team,next big one.

airtm,New popular e-wallet and exchanger.

fau*etpay,new popular wallet.


On line Since 2018

zig*a,sister of youge*profit,experienced team.

opti**lbux,New Project from elite gpt**anet & scarle**clicks admin.

On line Since 2016

eas***up,pay the product,earn huge.

On line Since 2015

eldi*bux,since 2015,very trusted.

On line Since 2014

p*verts:from long-term crowd funding company mytrafficvalue,high income.

Note:No RR option.More details please visit this page.

On line since 2013:


silv*clix,part of golden group.

Why gold*clix? Answer:part of golden group.



Since 2012,2011,and early.

Why scarl*ks,Elite site since 2009.
sister site of gpt*net.

Why gpt*net? Answer:since stable.,

SF*ISFI,since 1998,grow a second income.

Why easy*ts4u? Answer:since 2003.The best TE site.

a*fly,elite shortened links sharing site,since 2009.

wealt*liate,Online Business Starts Here.

SF*I,since 1998.Grow a second Income.


on line since 2012:

mytraff*value:long-term crowd funding company,high income.sister site of hot site paidverts

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3.The sites in this page are safer and can get better profit.
But in the world, things change often.Nothing is 100% sure.
Even the top paying sites in this page.
If their status changed,we will change the comments,or delete the site.

4.85% of the sites in this page can earn well and safely at the same time with upgraded membership.
How to invest,you can read our guide.

5.Some sites change the description of their upgrade pages very often,
we don't have much time to change the strategies,you can use your own best way to earn.
Usually the upgrade page changes less,the site is more trusted.

6.Some comments in this page may make some admins unhappy,sorry about that.
Our purpose is to help the PTC users to earn big and safely,
we tell the truth and express our feelings.:)
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Top PTC+Revshare:In this page,we tell you:How to earn with Hot PTC+Revshare Sites?
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Elite PTC+Revshare:safe,trusted,reliable,long-term...

New Hot PTC+Revshare:New,Hot,Profitable,pre-emptive...

PTC Tutorial:How to work in some very trusted sites.

Top Hyip:Invest,wait some days,cash out.
No need to click,no need to do the surveys.The easiest way to earn on line.
Maximize your online income.

Paying Buxhost :trusted,hot,paying buxhost sites.

RefBack:refback via PTSU.

newsites:Almost all the PTC related sites listed in this page.

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