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What is Clixsense and how to use it?

In this article we will explain what is Clixsense , how to use it and what are the different ways of earning money. We hope you find information in this article very useful for both current Clixsense members and those of you who are not yet signed up. So let's get started :)

Clixsense is basically a PTC site - site that allows you to earn by viewing advertisements. This is one way of earning on the Internet, along with placing advertisements on the site, direct agreements with advertisers, filling out a survey, etc. Interested firms pay Clixsense to include their advertisements on your page, and then Clixsense pays you to look at these ads. Clixsense also offers many other ways to earn, which distinguishes it from all other similar sites

Clixsense is a website that in contrast to the above: exist for consecutive 9 years, has customer support, professional website (you can check above how it looks) and most importantly has paid continuously since the beginning of operations for which there is evidence all over the internet.


You can register HERE. Just fill in the details in the panel on the right and press Sign up. You will receive a link to an email you have entered that you must click to confirm your email address and that's it, you can begin your work. Registration is completely free.

 Here is my earnings. I earned so far $ and still increasing


Ways to earn money on Clixsense are really diverse, and they are as follows:

1st way is that after the registration every day you get a certain number of ads that you can click. You must remain on ad page from 3 seconds to 30 seconds max. You are paid depending on the time. In this segment, you need about 3-4 minutes a day for clicking ads and make money from it. This is fairly standard and most of the other pages provides this service too.

This is how page with ads looks like:

You click on the ads one by one, and before you start you have to click on the picture of a CAT (captcha verification).

2nd way to make money on Clixsense are various tasks for which you get paid directy, so like in all daily jobs you perform some task (compare sites, surveys, your opinion on something, fill some entries in the database, etc.) and you get paid for it. Just as in any other business, only difference is money comes into your account immediately instead of you waiting for a salary:). This way is called Clixsense tasks. This feature is first of unique Clixsense features that clearly separates it from the other pyramid systems and deceptions as anyone who has tried to make something in that business understands. On these tasks you can earn considerably more than just clicking on ads.

3rd way are Clixsense Offers. You are getting paid for various activities online. Make sure you check them out as they are quite interesting from time to time (e.g. currently you can receive money after you check Jennifer Lopez latest video :))

4th way of earning money is via Clixgrid - you can click through and win up to $ 10 a day - it's like a lottery: you get lucky or you don't :) We won a couple of times, recently $2.50 dollars

You can click on Clixgrid every now and then when you have nothing else to do and if you win you get extra income. Pictures are different every day. Pretty cool, isn't it?

5th way is to make money by recommending the site to friends through your refferal link, so that when your friend performs tasks you get a certain percentage of it.

6th way is to boost your income by upgrading yourself to premium account. You'll get more revenue from all these ways and more revenue from your friends. Sounds familiar, but the point is that unlike other similar stuff premium membership at Clixsense is only about 17 dollars for the whole year of work, so it's really worth it. However, no one's making you do it - otherwise it's all completely free of charge so you can get some work done first and after a while decide for yourself whether you'll pay that 17 dollars fee for yearly membership or not.

7th way to make money on Clixsense is a daily checklist bonus: list of things that you need to do to get the bonus on daily earnings up to 10%. Those things you'll do anyway on daily basis, but this is just a developer's way of saying ''thanx for being active''. Also unique thing.

Another useful tip for you is to install a toolbar so you get more advertising and stay informed on the availability and quantity of work. Toolbar is unobtrusive and does not spam you with any unwanted advertisements.

As you can see ways or earning money on Clixsense are indeed numerous and work is not that hard especially when working with a great community, lots of members participating on the forum where you can ask questions or show your achievements and of course last but not least - you have this little site of ours at your disposal :)

It is important to note that this is by no means exclusively pyramidal system because as we all know pyramidal systems tend to just disappear after owner has pulled all the money from it (some had to learn this the hard way :). On this site there are many ways of earnings including classic payment per work done. If Clixsense team had relied only on pyramid system they would collapse as well as other sites, but this versatile and professional approach is the reason why they are such successful business for 9 years now and all the workers are paid regularly.

Well this is it for now, this article wasn't full of phrases like ''easy money, quick profit, earning online blah blah blah, and full of those flashing slogans :). We decided to make a small unobtrusive page with instructions that everyone understands so we can all help each other instead of stupid pages with ads such as:'' EARN 500 DOLLARS FROM YOUR CHAIR IN A MONTH!'' and similar. You get the idea :))

We hope that you are satisfied with this article and that you will check it out for yourself if you are not already a Clixsense user. Because, why would randomly spend time on scams when you can work on something verified and proffesional immidiately. You have nothing to lose except a little time while you see for yourself that all that is written above is true:

Get More Surveys Everyday on Clixsense | How to Tips

How to get more surveys on Clixsense

1. Complete your Survey Profile
You will not get many surveys or even not any survey until you complete your survey profile. This is the very first step, complete your survey profile with real and honest details because you will get surveys mostly related to your interest shown in your profile.

2. Update you Survey Profile
In accordance to get more surveys, you must update your survey profile whenever it is needed. For example, if you were single at the time of survey profile completion and then you got married, you must updateyour profile from "single to married" status. It is not compulsary but when you will be asked for your marital status and you will answer "Married", you may be blacklisted because of different answer in accordance to your survey profile. Rapidly ignoring this situation may cause permanently out from one or more survey panels.

3. Be Honest on answering a survey.
When you are working on your survey, you must answer with best of your honesty. It will increase your goodwill and you will start getting more surveys from that survey panel.

4. Do not wait for Surveys Invitation.
Some times you may find some Survey invitation when you just logged into your Clixsense account. Clixsense displays available surveys and offer at the main page most of the time but you should not wait for those invitations. You must check any available survey directly from survey page by clicking all three (currently) survey panels. Believe me I completed only 5% of surveys by invitation and remaining 95% surveys I found by clicking on survey panels.

Check surveys everytime you log in and just before you are going to log out.
I do the same things listed above and I am getting a good amount of surveys almost everyday. I hope these steps will help you to get more surveys.

Happy Earning