The exploration has always existed. The Inbound is a relatively new marketing approach. Can the two work together?

The answer is a big "yes". But it goes much further. Because inbound is not only a method of real estate prospecting (digital) in itself: this approach has profoundly transformed the way of practicing prospecting , in particular by relying on precious data.

It's time to explain it all!

Can we do real estate prospecting in an inbound process?

Yes: we then speak of indirect prospecting , because it is about bringing prospects to oneself rather than going to seek them.

The Inbound , to reiterate, is a form of marketing characterized by its soft approach and not intrusive  : it is to attract prospects playing on the reputation of the company / brand and create a trigger for that 'they naturally turn to her when purchasing a product or service.

The prospecting , you know, is the process of seeking prospects turn into customers - mostly sellers, on the pretext that he can not be any transactions without properties to propose to purchasers.

It is therefore entirely possible to generate prospects not by going to look for them in the field or by contacting them via cold calls, but by putting in place the levers that will enable them to capture their attention . Prospects are encouraged to come to your agency on their own, and to leave you contact details to contact them later. This allows you to combine real estate prospecting and Inbound. So to practice a kind of "inbound prospecting" .

The two concepts work in a complementary fashion. In fact, there are two possible approaches to bringing them together:

Fuel your inbound strategy through prospecting . By collecting data during your real estate prospecting sessions, you harvest the fuel to fuel the engine of your marketing strategy.
Improve the efficiency of prospecting by practicing inbound . By using data wisely, by creating personalized messages that address your targets more directly - via the personas defined upstream -, by better understanding the challenges of the prospect's specific context, you optimize your real estate prospecting actions and Make the most of time spent in the field / on the phone.
But beware, because inbound is more of a philosophy than a method . Such an approach supposes to modify in depth the processes and the methods of your agency, and to adopt a long-term vision which is not necessarily obvious within the framework of the real estate prospecting.

Inbound works like agriculture: you have to sow seeds to reap fruits.

Exit prospecting, hello relationship!

Inbound has transformed prospecting by emphasizing relationships at the expense of prospective.

In inbound marketing, we no longer “approach” the prospect, in the sense that we do not go to him to offer his services. Instead, we lay the foundations for a qualitative human relationship , made up of exchanges and empathy, and slowly leading to the conclusion of the transaction.

This is not entirely new, moreover. The constitution of a network of prescribers, which is part of good commercial prospecting practices , is a form of inbound marketing before its time: it is the work of notoriety that makes it possible to collect sales opportunities. Inbound, it's the same idea, but more advanced: all the inhabitants of a given sector can become the members of a network which will be called, for the occasion, an “audience” .

What changes, with inbound prospecting, is therefore the way of proceeding. You do not enter mandates because you have convinced a handful of salespeople by dint of arguments and promises. You enter mandates because ...

Locals get to know your brand
They appreciate your content and direct exchanges
They recognize your expertise and know-how
They understand that you are the best-placed agency to sell their property
They decide to contact you and ask for an estimate
Between each of these stages, there is a lot of work on relationships, monitoring and support .

Hence the essential idea of ​​inbound real estate prospecting: it is less necessary to seek to have mandates signed than to be of service to the inhabitants by responding with relevance to their needs.

This is why Inbound works on levers traditionally neglected by Hyderabad real estate prospecting:

Communication at the local level
the branding

These levers have the advantage of giving lasting results: prospecting action generates a few prospects on an ad hoc basis; but an inbound action, once implemented, can generate long-term prospects , without subsequent intervention. It's a machine that never stops spinning.

Why does inbound prospecting work?
If the inbound methodology has succeeded, at this point, in transforming the way of prospecting, it is because it fits in with the times.

Today's prospects are no longer yesterday's . The Internet has given them a power: the power to choose. Choose the company or brand that will be their preference. Choose the professional best placed to answer their problems. And even choose to consume or not.

This development has its importance in real estate: sellers and buyers start by doing research on the web before launching . It is estimated that 9 out of 10 in Warangal real estate projects start on the Web, for example by consulting advertisements on portals, or by reading informative articles.

Inbound allows you to be present on the web from the first stages of a real estate project, so as to make yourself known precisely when prospects have not yet made a decision. But also to be present in the right medium and to offer the right message, depending on the prospect.

In short, real estate prospecting mixed with Inbound, it works because it is the best way to make your agency THE most logical choice for prospects who are embarking on a real estate project.

How? 'Or' What ?

Thanks to high added value content, data allowing to better understand your prospects and their expectations, increased visibility on the web reinforced by the use of local keywords, well-positioned CTA buttons in the content and landing pages relevant, marketing software on which to store and work on the data collected, and tools to track prospects and stay in touch.

But, above all, thanks to a profound change in the way you do and think .

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