Spacebar Test - Clicking Speed Check with Spacebar Counter

Spacebar test is an online tool that will tell you how many times you can hit the spacebar in a particular amount of time. The space bar counter is simple to use and understand. You will see three perspectives as soon as you enter the site. Each second, the score, clock, and spacebar are displayed. To begin, tap on the clock at the top of the screen and then start hammering the space bar.

Spacebar Speed Test & Spacebar Clicker

First and foremost, if you are fond of testing your limits and challenging yourself, this counter tool is just the perfect place to assess your spacebar click speed with a time challenge of your own choice. Here you can find out how fast you can hold down and tap the spacebar key of your keyboard.

Most Importantly, there is no such requirement of a fancy app or software installation to use this space bar counter. All you have to do is, connect to the internet and navigate to SpacebarCounter.Online to use this simple yet precise and powerful spacebar tap counter.

Desktop Spacebar Counter

It should be noted that our spacebar click speed checker is optimized for desktop users mainly. So, they can use this counter on their desktop or pc to test and improve their spacebar tapping speed with loads of practice from scratch.

Apart from testing, a nice amount of practice here on this counter can give you a healthy edge while playing video games, where a hint of time can come in handy and turn the tables around.

So, don’t wait; gear up and start practicing your spacebar tapping to enhance your skills to god level.

Moreover, you can also invite your friends and encourage them to practice here from scratch and challenge their limits. Without a doubt, a sound and competitive squad will lead you toward the new horizons of triumph.

Mobile Spacebar Counter

This website’s responsive design makes our mobile users able to play this tapping spacebar game on their mobile devices. Unlike the desktop version, this game’s mobile version can be a little bit different experience for you.

So, use your mobile’s built-in keyboard to take part in this space button counter challenge to test your limits. Apart from this, you can also use external mobile gaming keyboards to practice your spacebar tapping speed on mobile devices so that you can take your mobile gaming to the next level.

Spacebar Challenges

We have the ultimate challenges to offer here on this website for our delighted users. Now, users can test their restraints by challenging themselves with ultimate spacebar tapping. Exercising your skills here will not only polish them but will make you enable to embark on a new journey of success in the gaming arena.

Here are a few challenges waiting for you that we are offering at this time. So, you can beat the highest spacebar score and be the next spacebar hits, world record holder to join the leaderboard yourself.

Spacebar Time Limit Challenges

Speed Wallop is now offering long-awaited astounding challenges for its online users. Now they can test their speed of spacebar clicking with these time limit challenges. All you need is a functional keyboard and warmed-up fingers, so loosen up your fingers to dive into this spacebar time limit challenge.

Spacebar Hits Per 01 Second Challenge

Spacebar Hits Per 05 Seconds Challenge

Spacebar Hits Per 10 Seconds Challenge

Spacebar Hits Per 15 Seconds Challenge

Spacebar Hits Per 30 Seconds Challenge

Spacebar Hits Per 50 Seconds Challenge

Spacebar Hits Per 60 Minutes Challenge

Spacebar Hits Per 100 Seconds Challenge

Spacebar Hits Per 120 Seconds Challenge

Spacebar Score Limit Challenges

Finally, now you can evaluate your space bar tapping speed with this ultimate score challenge. All you have to do is just select a score limit for yourself and start hitting the spacebar. This way, you can check how much time in seconds it took you to reach your target spacebar hits.

Particularly, if you reach your target with ease, challenge yourself further by increasing the target hit score, as surely who would defy improvement in their skills. Besides, if you find it hard to maintain your hit score as per requirement, then practice, actually practice a lot as it is said: “practice makes a man perfect.”

Spacebar 100 Hits Score Challenge

Spacebar 200 Hits Score Challenge

Spacebar 300 Hits Score Challenge

Spacebar 500 Hits Score Challenge

Spacebar 1000 Hits Score Challenge

Features Of Spacebar Counter

Users can use this online tap counter to check how competitive they are in spacebar tapping. This counter has four main interactive sections.

The first section indicates the real-time score and timer ticking. So, you can tally your spacebar clicks along with your HPS score.

The second section is where the real action happens. Therefore you can use this section to start the game by tapping on the play button.

Meanwhile, the third section consists of a popup message which pops up when you are done with the first round of your game. It indicates your rank, score, and HPS score, along with a message specified for you based on your performance.

You guys can share your scores on social media through this section. Moreover, you can tap on the reset button or anywhere outside the popup message to play this game again.

Responsive Design

This site has a responsive design that makes it both mobile phones and desktop friendly and compatible to use on either device. Therefore, PS4 users, users using Androids, Tablets, IOS-based iPhones, and iPads can easily participate in this spacebar competition. So, break the egg and start practicing the online spacebar clicking quiz, irrespective of the device you are using.

Free & Easy To Use

This tap counter is purely free to use and share online, and each of its features is now unblocked. Moreover, our UI/UX team’s efforts have made this calculator simple and easy to use for users irrespective of their background knowledge and experience.

How To Use Spacebar Counter & Play Spacebar Challenge

Unquestionably, most of you guys wouldn’t find any difficulty using this spacebar counter as our UI/UX team has designed this click counter by following the best industry practices. But, let us discuss its usage for the record.

There is no need to download any fancy application, VPN, or software. All you need is a decent internet connection, a sound keyboard, and a pair of fingers that you use in Video Gaming. Firstly, connect to the internet and navigate to SpacebarCounter.Online using a browser, and you are good to go. Now, there are a few modes available for this spacebar counter.

The first one is where you can simply hit the most extended horizontal key on your keyboard, also known as the space button, to tally your spacebar hits and determine your score.

The second one is where you can challenge yourself with a time limit to figure out how many times you can hit the spacebar under a specific timeframe window.

The third one is where you can check your spacebar hitting ability by setting a spacebar score or spacebar hit limit to find out how much time it took you to meet your score or space button click target.

Last but not least, there is a mode where you can increase the competitiveness of your spacebar quiz by involving two-variable which are the score limit and time limit in your test. So, bring it on and be a part of this 2x spacebar competition. Moreover, you can also practice this mode to be more competitive in the Minecraft server known as Kohi.


A space bar counter with a timer is mostly a fun tool for increasing your clicking speed. Furthermore, this tool provides an excellent opportunity to put your speed to the test in a short period of time. You must set a time restriction and a goal in order to improve your results.

Start pressing after that, and when the timer runs out, the results will appear on the scorecard. Contrary to popular belief, whether you play this game for enjoyment or for practice, this tool is always entertaining.