The Right Time to Determine the Effectiveness of Your Skin Care

When you buy a new skincare product, do you immediately assume that it is ineffective just because you don't see any results? According to skin care professionals, there is a right time to determine whether a skincare product is right for your skin or not. Here are some tips from the pros on turning points in skincare.

Skincare needs time

Just as people have different skin problems, they also have different ways of approaching their skin. According to David Jack, a plastic surgeon, skin care products need time to show their true effects.

Dr. David says, "It takes at least a few weeks to a month for the skin to renew itself. So even the best cosmetics don't always produce results immediately after use," he told Refinery29 in an interview.

It's a shame to stop using skincare products before you realize their true benefits and effects, or on the other hand, to continue using items that you don't need. Check out what the professionals recommend for determining the effectiveness of skincare.

Use "one month" as a guideline for skincare

If you're a beauty lover, you've probably heard of "turnover," which refers to the metabolism of the skin and how the skin is reborn in a certain cycle. Dr. David said, "The normal turnover cycle is about 28 days." Considering the skin's rebirth, it is difficult to realize the true effects of any skincare product unless you continue to use it for at least one month.

However, according to Dr. David, the turnover cycle varies depending on the skin condition and age. Therefore, don't get caught up in the 28-day number, but use it as a guide. He advised that it is important to observe the changes in your skin.

3 months" for skin problems and aging care

Regarding skin problems such as acne and anti-aging products, Dr. David said, "If you are using cosmetics containing vitamin C or retinol, it takes about three cycles to solve skin problems and make your skin beautiful again. Therefore, it will take at least three months to see results.

On the other hand, if you don't see any results after three months of use, you need to rethink your skin care regimen.

Beware of "fast-acting" products.

According to Dr. David, "instant effect" in skincare refers to the effect on the surface of the skin. However, he says that while quick-acting peeling and moisturizing products can smooth and moisturize the skin's surface, they do not improve the skin in the long run. However, their effects are not the same as improving the skin in the long run.

Beautiful skin does not happen overnight. The ironclad rule of skincare is to take your time and not rush into it. However, if you find that your skin becomes dry immediately after using a product, or if it causes skin problems, it is better to refrain from using it. If you are having trouble with your skincare, please refer to this article.

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