Yes, you saw it right! I'm introducing a GPT site where you can earn a lot of money everyday. What's more is I will give away to ALL my referrals 50% RCB!

use Google Chrome to translate the site to your native language

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1. min cashout : 3 rubles = 10 cents
2. available banks : LR , Payza , WM , Perfect money "all instant"
3. interval between cashouts : 24hours
4. your earnings calculated into ruples when u cashout it , it turn's to $$$$$

you must upgrade your account to worker to be able to cashout daily. This step is FREE.

>>>>>to upgrade your account to worker membership follow this steps

#1: click in the black rectangular

then write your phone number in the specific place. you'll receive sms containing the code

#2: go to "my personal information" complete your info

now you are a worker member

>>>>>how to earn on this site

you can earn in 4 ways

1. Surfing sites
2. Read letters
3. Passage test
4. Execution jobs

1, 2, and 3 are very simple ways to earn money. you can make about 6 rubles a day just from these "steps" which worth 20 cents.

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>>>>> if you want to earn more and more, you must do jobs; most jobs need a WMID to register

register on WebMoney then add WMR and WMZ

to add WMZ & WMR

1. login to your account in WebMoney (WM)



now you have WMID, WMR and WMZ
example - WMID: 360292615527 & WMR: R335768580258 & WMZ: Z323873992560



follow the pics:

all offers are like this :)

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>>>>>referral cashback (RCB)

i also give away RCB to those who signed up under my referral link. it will gradually increase as a reward for my active referrals:

- 50% RCB on sign-up
- 60% after 100 clicks
- 70% after 500 clicks
- 80% after 1000 clicks (max)

how i will you get your RCB? it was automatically set so you will receive it whenever you click ads or do tasks in the site:

if you are not sure about my RCB, go here: you will see this:

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Contact me on skype: shiroi_ue if you run into a problem. :)