Rolex Watch Winder

Rolex wristwatches are one of the most well-known and preferred watch brands. Rolex, which has a huge customer base, also produces automatic watch winder boxes, an increasingly popular tool.
So what are these watch winder boxes? Why should Rolex watch owners use these winders? What are the prices of Rolex watch winders? Are Rolex watch winders any different from other watch winders? You can find the answers to all these questions in the rest of our article.

What is an Automatic Watch Winder?

Watch winders are a case where you place your automatic wristwatches when you are not using them. The function of these boxes ensures that your watches, which work with your wrist and wrist movements, are exposed to the necessary movement when not in use.
To put it better, automatic watches work with cogwheel mechanisms. These balance wheels can continue to work depending on the watch movements.
This is how classical watches work. The watch, which is on your wrist in your daily life, does not need an extra movement from the outside to work because the regular daily movements of your arm and wrist are sufficient to operate this machine.
But when you don’t wear your watch and don’t use it for a certain time, your watch will stop working. As with many devices, tools that are not used for a long time can lose their functions and malfunction. In the same way, automatic wristwatches can malfunction when not used. That’s why automatic watch winders are produced.
Watch winders are usually box-shaped hoppers but can also be found in different designs. Inside, they have an apparatus made of soft tissue or pillows similar to an arm. You can fix your watch by wearing it here.
Then you can start the rotation process by closing the lid of your Rolex watch winder. You can control this rotation process in many Rolex watch winder boxes. Thus, while you are not using it, your watch is exposed to light movements as if it were on your wrist and continues to work.

Rolex Watch Winders and Other Watch Winders

You can find many watch winder boxes in online shopping sites and stores. However, some of these automatic watch winders can damage your watch due to the materials’ quality.
Each piece of the watch winder box is specially produced. Sub-industry products that do not take this into account can not ensure that your watch works appropriately and may even cause damage to your watches.
That’s why there are points to consider when choosing your automatic watch winder box. One of them is to get a watch winder that is compatible with your watch. Rolex watch winders are suitable not only for Rolex watches but also for automatic watches from other brands.
However, Rolex watch winders also have many features not found in other winders. One of them is the rotation menu options. You can enable this process to continue automatically by specifying how long your watch will move and how long it will stop when you place it in the watch winder.
For example, you went on a one-week vacation and wanted to leave your watch at home. In this case, before you leave your home, you can enter the intervals and how much you want your watch to rotate during a week from these menu options. When you come back to your home at the end of a week, you will find your time updated.
Thanks to rotations, your watch doesn’t stall as it helps keep your watch running, so it stays up to date. Another feature found in some Rolex watch winder boxes is the lighting system.
With this system, your watch winder box will have a more elegant appearance and provide a more comfortable usage area at night. The engines inside are very quiet, and they have designs that resemble a decor rather than a vehicle. Therefore, they are also often used as an accessory or decor in bedrooms.
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