Beauty Times - How to look beautiful as a teenage girl

Beauty Times - One of the dreams of young women is to become a beautiful girl. Although it takes a lot of time and energy, this wish is easily realized. Keep in mind that looking pretty can't be achieved by just putting on make-up, styling your hair, and wearing trendy clothes.

Beauty Times - Another important thing that needs to be done is to take care of yourself by taking care of your skin, hair and body. Being a beautiful girl is much easier if these steps are done regularly. Wash your face with warm water at least 2 times a day. To keep facial skin well-groomed, make it a habit to wash your face every morning when you wake up and at night before going to bed.

Beauty Times - To wash your face, use a facial cleanser (not soap) to massage the facial skin using gentle circular motions. Do not use scrubs so that facial skin is not damaged. If the facial skin is clean, rinse it with cool water to keep the skin tight and the pores on the face to shrink again.