Investing with Robo-Advisor

You want to invest your Money in an easy Way without spending hours of checking Stock-Data and more? Have you ever thought about placing your Money by a Roboadvisor and let it grow automatically? But you hav not really a clear Idea how and where to start with building wealth? Then go on reading…..

Roboadvisor-Portal is one of the largest provider-independent online information platforms in the German-speaking world that deals with the topic of digital asset management and its market participants. The Roboadvisor-Portal currently represents more than 50 different providers in the field of Robo-Advisor and Online Asset management in Germany.

In addition to the detailed Service presentation of providers like

•   Peaks
•   Quirion
•   Ginmon
•   growney
•   Oskar

and other

Interested investors will also find independent Roboadvisor Test-Reports, exciting Roboadvisor Interviews and explanatory articles on terms from the investment world like ETF, Investmentfonds, Greenwashing, Asset Management, Volatilität and further ones

In addition, the investment strategies of famous investors such as

•   Michael Burry
•   Benjamin Graham
•   Peter Lynch
•   Charlie Munger
•   Jesse Livermore

and others are presented with corresponding examples.

Last but not least, the portal also has a blog section that is editorially maintained and contains articles on the topic of investment and personal finance as well as news on the individual robo-advisors and guest contributions from external, well known investment experts - including Articles from the Top Managers of Vanguard, evergreen, Pax-Bank, Fidelity and others

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