How is Summary Different from Conclusion? - Guide 2022

I know that when you are told to write a conclusion, you think of a summary.

And, to be honest, in most cases, a conclusion is not much different from a summary. You summarize what you have written in a conclusion so yeah, I get the confusion here.

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Let us all see how these two are totally NOT the same.

Difference #1: Conclusion Includes Summary

Conclusion and summary are not the same because a summary is a part of the conclusion. See, a good essay writer knows that a conclusion has many parts. Summary is just one of them.

So, while it is true that a conclusion is incomplete without a summary, we cant just say that they are both the same thing.

Their fundamental differences do not allow us to say that.

Difference #2: Conclusion Has a thesis

One big difference here is that in conclusion, we always restate our thesis. This means that a conclusion is focused on a single point and other points that validate the main thesis.

A conclusion will always begin with a thesis. It can have a number of endings but the inclusion of a thesis is compulsory as a conclusion is not considered to be complete without a thesis.

Difference #3: Conclusion Focuses on Main Points

Another difference here is that a conclusion only focuses on the most important points. So, in an essay, the conclusion will include the thesis and then the author will mention the topic sentences of the main paragraphs.

No evidence will be provided to the readers here as the evidence is already given in the essay above.

So, the focus here will be restating the main points of the argument.

Difference #4: Conclusion has a Call-to-Action

This is something that we write at the very end of a conclusion. A call-to-action is a statement where you ask the reader to take action about a problem at hand.

You can ask them to spread awareness or make posters or even contact the state representative. The main point here is that they should do something.

Difference #5: Conclusion Has No Quotes

This is something that is super important. An introduction and a conclusion do not include quotes. If you order an essay from an essay writing service then you will notice a similar pattern. Quotes are for body paragraphs.

So, you will have to use your own words in a conclusion and explain your perspective as thoroughly as possible.

Difference #6: Summary is the Subset

Think of it this way. A summary is a subset of a conclusion. The conclusion is the bigger circle while the summary is the smaller circle in it. So, while a conclusion has many parts, a summary does not.

In essays, summaries are a part of the conclusion while normally a summary is a separate paper entirely.

Difference #7: Summary Does Not Focus on ONE Point

Sure, every paper has a theme or multiple themes that are the center of that paper but it must be noted that a summary will never focus on a single issue.

In any paper or essay, the author will have discussed a number of issues at hand and we have to discuss all of them in a summary. So, unlike a conclusion, a summary cannot be limited.

Difference #8: Summary is Elaborate

See, a summary includes all the points discussed by the author. Whatever the author has said, you need to mention it.

You can use simplified language here and you definitely write in your own words, but at the end of the day you need to elaborate on what the author is saying. This means you need to explain the text to the audience so a summary cant be precise.

Difference #9: Summary is Not Opinionated

A conclusion can be opinionated because it has a thesis.

But a summary is not opinionated. In a summary, you are simply taking the words of the author and writing them differently. You cannot input your own opinion here unless you are asked otherwise.

Or if you are writing something like a book review, then you will have to include both summary and opinion.

Difference #10: Summary Includes Quotes

The last major difference here is that a summary includes quotes. Actually, it requires it.

Like if you say that the author does not like millennials then you will have to use quotes to prove that point. You cant just make a claim and leave it at that.

So, yeah, a summary requires quotes but a conclusion does not.

These are the major differences

This article is probably enough to solve your conclusion, if not, then let me give you a solid suggestion.

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Compare the two of them and you will know how they are different. It is simply that easy. You can contact essay writer online that will guide you professionally and help you write an amazing essay.

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