Compare and Contrast Essay Format Guide for College Students

A compare and contrast essay is a common type of essay that is assigned to college students. This essay allows us to deeply analyze our data and all the differences and similarities of our topic. Compare and contrast essay is described as the type of essay that presents the differences and similarities between two subjects or objects. The two objects or subjects among which comparison and contrast are being carried out must be different and similar to each other to some extent so that organic material could be derived from it.



Follow these guidelines and it will be a piece of cake for you to write an essay. You can also get help from a professional essay writer if you are thinking about who can write my essay for me. When you begin to write your compare and contrast essay the first thing that strikes your mind is to choose your topic. You should pick something that interests you, it will help you grasp ideas, and also engage yourself. If you will pick a complex topic you could get stuck or demotivated amidst writing your essay. So always pick a topic that you feel motivated to write on. After choosing your topic you will brainstorm your ideas and organize them. You could use Venn diagrams, flow charts, pie charts, etc. you could jot all the scattered ideas and start organizing them with the help of these diagrams. You can write the characteristics in the circles and write differences and similarities in the overlapping area. This will help you organize your scattered ideas in symmetry. If still unsure, get ‘write my paper’ help online.


After you are done with your brainstorming and have got an idea of how you are going to write your essay you will outline to further clear your ideas, thoughts and arguments that you are going to discuss in your essay. Your outline will follow the standard essay format i.e. introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Jot down all your main and major ideas according to these categories including developing a strong thesis statement upon which your essay will rely. Your thesis statement will be the three-liner summary of your essay. By just reading your thesis statement your reader will get an idea of what your essay is about. It will function as a road map to show you the way to build your essay.


While you are done with all your basic tasks now you will begin writing your draft starting with your introductory paragraph that will set the tone of your essay. Your introduction will start with a hook—a bold statement or a rhetorical question. Your hook must be strong enough to attract your reader to read further.  You will introduce your topic and briefly discuss its background or origin. Your thesis statement that you had already developed in your outline will state that in the last lines of your introductory paragraph and can get an essay writing service


In your body paragraphs, you will begin with a topic sentence that will function as your thesis statement of a paragraph. It will present the main idea of your entire essay so that your reader will know what you are going to discuss in the particular paragraph. In a compare and contrast essay, you will begin with discussing one of the two subjects, its characteristics and what makes it distinctive, etc. in the next paragraph you will discuss the other subject and its traits and features. In the third paragraph, you will draw analogous comparisons and contrasts between the two. The ideas you had jotted down in your Venn diagram you will discuss in your third paragraph. Provide your arguments based on solid evidence. Persuade your reader to agree to your stance by using logic, facts, and figures; it will bring validity to your notions.


Lastly, you will reiterate your thesis statement; summarize your ideas and present suggestions excluding evidence. Evidence or any new idea will not be discussed in the conclusion paragraph. You will close your essay by leaving a debatable question or a stance for the reader to pursue with your idea.

Always proofread your essay once you are done writing to remove grammatical or typing errors.  Try to use all these guidelines to construct your compare and contrast essay or you can also get help from the best essay writing services



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