Pong Pachamahan, Top 4 at the Asian Road Racing Championship at Suzuka
Yamaha Thailand Racing Teams Race Against Asian Championships in Asian Motorcycle Road Race Asian Championship Race 2018, 3rd Course, held between 1-3 June 2018 at Suzuka Circuit, Japan
On the first day according to the program is a session of rehearsal by the super sports 600 cc "Float" - Pong Wilairoj (No. 56) who can stand the first podium with the team successfully on the field. Australia The best time of the year is 2.13.591 minutes, the top 4 of the first day, and the senior team of Pond - Deja Krai (24). Big brother of the team recovered from a wrist injury. The YZF-R6 is the best time to race at 2.16.075 minutes.
Another Yamaha Thai racer, who featured in this edition of K-Guinea Kubo (No. 64), is Yamamoto's team-mate. 376 minutes
In the Asian version of the 250cc production team spearheaded by the Hamamit (500), the YZF-R25 accelerated racehorses made the best turnout of 2.30.094 minutes. Team- Make the best time at 2.30.058 minutes and Fong-Kadat Mind (90), best time is 2.37.598 minutes.
For the qualifying round of the Asian Championships, Field 3 will be on June 2, with the Asian production of 250cc starting at 8:50 am and the Super Sporting 600cc starting in At 9:30 am in the afternoon, the race starts in the first race. The 250cc production starts at 14:05 and the super sports 600cc start at 15.05. 2 hours faster than ufabet    Thailand.