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This page is to help friends to know how to earn with some long-term sites.:)
Currently this page include: hitleap,clixsense,easyhits4u,adfly,cashpig...

***hitleap,since 2011,No.1 auto surf Traffic Exchange site.
Click  hitleap to register.

How to work in hitleap:
1.Log in your hitleap account.
2.Click add website,--Add new websites,add your websites.
3.Click Traffic Exchange--Download hitleap viwer.
4.Open the hitleap viwer software---Login the software.---click start.Run the software.
5.upgrade,you can earn more.account--upgrade.
6.Cashout,click referrals,when your earnings is over $5,you can click request payout.
More TE sites,you can visit this page.

easyhits4u,the busiest traffic exchange site since 2003.

How to work with easyhits4u:
1.Click here to register.
2.Click setting to set your profiles.
(3.Click home,and click add a site.(Or click my sites)
Click add a new site.
fill in your link,title,language.
click submit website.confirm.
In status section,change the status to on.)
4.Click start surfing,you can choose any one of the two.

Click my referrals,invite friends,promo tools to get refs work together.

6.Click statistics,Money,cash out to withdraw.
you also can convert into credits to advertise in easyhits4u.


***clixsense,since 2007,the best PTC site.
Click here to register.

Main earning options:view ads,surveys,offers,tasks.grids,shopping on line etc.

***adfly,very useful URL shortening site,which can also earn cash too.
Many years on line.Mini cashout $5.
In 2014,cashpig,sister of adfly launched.

How to earn with adfly:
1.Click here to register.

2.Login your adfly account.
Put the URL in  the blank space,click shrink.
Here is an example:

Then copy the shortened URL.

3.You can put the shortened URL in your blog, earn.

4.cashpig is sister site of adfly,launched in 2014.
cashpig is a PTC site,main earning options are view ads,grid,offers etc.
cashpig& adfly just like one site.


#.We all hate scams.To avoid scams,please visit these pages listed below.
If needed,just click on the link or bookmark them.Hope they are helpful:)

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