Things to Look at When Buying a House

Would you spend just 15 minutes eyeing a house that will be your living place for so many years? That is not justified. If you do so, you might regret it at the end of the day. Do not make yourself vulnerable, there is much more to consider while making a buying decision.

Buying a house involves evaluating so many factors, for instance, price, house condition, size, proximity to schools and workplace, location and much more.

I will try to cover the maximum possible commercial properties for rent in Islamabad points that you must explore inside the potential house.


This determines the resale value, appreciation factor, and the desirability of the area. Usually, the location depends on the budget. Or I would say, both go hand in hand.

Ask yourself, what kind of lifestyle you want. Use this as a basis for choosing the location and the house later on. Imagine your ideal daily life in terms of commuting and running errands while exploring different options.

Proximity to Work, School, Restaurants, stores

You won't be at your home all the time, so you need to get out once in a while. If it takes 30 mins in traffic to reach the nearest store, it could be a problem on an ongoing basis. This will also determine if your house will be a quick sell in the future or if it's going to sit on the market for years.

Gharbaar property portal will allow evaluating these while sitting in the comfort of your office or home.


When standing next to the house of your dreams, close your eyes and listen. What do you hear? If it's a car after car passing by, then it's not the area you want.

(Do it on several occasions: in the morning, in the evening, after work, on weekends, during a holiday). Else, it is you who is going to suffer eventually.

Walkability factor

If you like walks or if you have pets or if you have kids (or planning on having them one day), you will need to walk around, and if the house is in a high traffic area, this poses issues.

Apart from these factors, if you have decided the location and area, there are several qualities you must look in the potential home. . .

Let me list a few for you:

Do not be fooled by staging

You enter a house and everything is just eye candy. From cleverly placed mirrors to the smell of delicious food. All of this might feel nice to you. Do not fall prey to these tactics used by the homeowners to appeal to you. Try to remain objective. Look for everything in terms of house construction style, space covered by furnishings and condition of floors and ceilings.

What about home repairs?

Are you ready to take the burden of repair or maintenance of the house you are going to buy? Everyone wants a ready-to-move house. To avoid this headache, look how old are the roofs? What is the life expectancy of roofs? Does the home require house for sale in Rawalpindi some electrical work as well?

Check Fascia, soffits, and gutters to see water damage. Choose a house where you will have to face minimum repair and maintenance issues.

Separate needs from wants

When you weigh different factors such as location, condition, resale value, size, and features, beware of your needs and wants. Think about your ideal lifestyle and your budget. Make sure you have all the must-haves and you are not compromising on the core.

It’s a Wrap

Do you think it is worrisome to find a house that meets all your requirements? Explore Gharbaar website, you will definitely find something that fits your checklist.

Good luck!