Don't miss the first word

The first few minutes of the conversation were very informative. As a rule, the following errors are found in the first line words.
The introduction is long.
What do I say? Instead of long lines " Strategy (agenda)" cursor (slide) available in best writing services. Talk about the news you are going to tell, and make the listeners curious. Let the first word be, as they look forward to learning more about you.
Throat Correction (cough, cough).
Speaking of good news. For a boost: movies, politics, food, etc. Д.
Laughing at laughter. Remember that a board can be lost if it is made with laughter. But Candita can use laughter to distinguish the board.
Talking to some of the audience before the talk begins.
The above may be convenient for those who come to the board, but it's just a bunch of chats worth wasting. It can lead to a loss of listener attention. Listeners should be impressed for the first two minutes, and only then can they be brought to the end of the board.
Tell the story , papersmart advises Use short stories to make the board appealing. Draw analogies to the details of the story board . If the stories cause the listener to go deeper and angrier, the board can reach them. If the listener is given all the information, details, information and information, they can't remember them and therefore can't know the purpose of the encounter. Ashtu is only good if the asstu is a boring detail compared to a short story or bundle. Remember that even if a freight car tells a story, it misleads the listener.
Don't overdo it.

Don't liken yourself to Kisbye Das. Listeners need to know what we are saying, and they need to know the purpose of the board. Repeating any details and news over and over again does not please listeners.
Be a firm believer.

Standing on the pelvis can increase palpitations, shortness of breath, trembling fingers and dry mouth. But all this excitement is not visible in the eyes of those in the opposite direction. You don't look at them as bad as you think. So, I can talk to you. "I have this board, too." "I will win the minds of the condemned on this board." Wait for it to continue. If you firmly believe in the board, your work will go smoothly.
All of the above is bad for body language. We make some gestures we don't know when we speak. This is because of our unconscious mind. The type of vigilance we have is knocking, crying while eating, putting pressure on our scalp, grabbing the MBC, and so on. In addition, we are alert to our work. This type of alert works by holding more than 11 million bits of information per second . Given the busyness of the workplace, a conscious effort must be made to keep it under control.
Standing in front of four people, sometimes too late, is stressful. It happens because of our sleepless type (conscious mind). It recognizes speech, controls the gaze, and so on. The alert type works by storing only 40 units of information per second . Most of the work can be attributed to alertness when standing in front of a speaker, which can lead to stress and verbal confusion.
Making and practicing requires much more preparation and practice than too much emphasis on alert and vigilant types . What does it mean? How should one speak? Which Soul should be highlighted? Where to laugh? The brain gets a prediction from a lot of this kind of information. The type of warning then passes normally without being stressed. If we don't wake up to the tide, it can lead us to our own.

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