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This is a wise way to retire in 2019. Year. I'll help you.

The iSmartLiving.Org is a Pay-Lite program of Smart Living Marketing. The challenge is to encourage Brokers, Leaders, and Members to build their Teams and Groups as many as they can via the Pay-Lite program. The task is to invite people to join the Smart Living Marketing family that can't afford the €360 in one go for the Smart Debit card and in-house Insurance payment. For a small amount of €36 membership Upgrade Fee plus the Referral Incentive, you surely acquire the Smart card and in-house insurance.

The Invite Challenge

What is the incentive for doing the invite challenge? If you have 5 invites who upgraded their membership, you get the free Smart Card and in-house insurance. If you have added 5 invites (10 altogether) who upgraded their membership, you will have free €200 funds for the Sea Capital. If you have added 10 invites (20 altogether) who upgraded their membership, you will become a Broker of Smart Living Marketing plus €200 cash incentive as your personal fund.

Smart Incentive Program

Referral Incentive €20 - You will receive €20 for every invite who successfully upgraded their membership on our website. Be reminded that the €20 Referral Incentive will be paid off to you when the Member invite is about to receive the Smart card.


Our professional's team comes from all over the world. From the first day in the company, you will feel "in your place", we have developed a detailed program of bonuses Way Capital Plus



BeerMania.online Pay Plan
Active & Passive Earnings possible



New! Earn also from their earnings of Duff, Ether and BCH Satoshi!*

Coinbase. You will both get $10