Managed VPS hosting is that hosting wherein a user who is not tech-savvy with respect to hosting can still manage his/her hosting package. That means even if you do not know the nitty gritty of web hosting, you can manage the hosting on your own.

Here are some key benefits of Linux VPS hosting:

1. Better control over servers - As a business owner, you get total server space and control to take decisions of your hosting without really depending on anyone

2. No sharing but available resources - Your hosting will not share resources with anyone, so no chance that there will be any problems with respect to speed or efficiency

3. Privacy leads to security- Since your hosting service is private in nature. ie there are no issues with respect to any viruses/malware/ cyber threats from shared hosting (since it is not present) hosting is safe

Some of the best VPS hosting providers are:


More or less they provide services in the same range but the most economical hosting service provider with a reliable support team and infrastructure. Having said that, I personally suggest ResellerClub, a well known hosting brand that provides cheap VPS plans.

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