If you are at a loss because of a research paper you have to write, read our research paper guide up to the end. This research paper guide will tell you about the writing process in details. What is more, you can use this research papers guide no matter what topic you have to cover.
Research paper writing is a laborious and time-consuming process, which requires a lot of mental work and efforts from a student. You have to find information on a particular topic with the help of topic: Coronavirus and Online learning, analyze and sort it out, and draw conclusions. Your ideas have to be expressed logically, etc.
Our research paper guide offers you the issues that aim at directing your writing process.
Part 1: Research paper guide: Starting to write a research paper
Irrespective of the topic of your research paper, you should:

Make a list of issues you are going to explore in your work.
Find the sources needed to cover the chosen topic completely.
Develop a strong thesis statement.
Analyze and sort out all the sources gathered.
Conduct research, noting all the steps taken, methods used, etc.
Choose a style and compose the parts of your research paper.
Part 2: Research papers guide: Parts of a research paper
Usually, a research paper includes the following parts:

Introduction. This part should present your thesis statement, background info on the chosen topic and a brief description of your research.
Main body. This is the research itself. It is advisable to present both a description of already existing investigations and your own research as well.
Conclusion. Sum up all the work done.
The parts of a research paper presented in our research papers guide are rather general. In order not to omit something important, talk to your tutor and find out what other parts your paper should include.