How to study on your own?

I am independently studying English, Croatian languages, Russian language and literature, I have successfully completed courses in drawing, touch typing, html (for beginners), psychology. You can't remember everything ...

In general, I decided to write an article for everyone who is already studying or just wants to study on their own, based on their experience. Some of the tips are unique, and I've never seen anything like it online.

You have decided to learn something new. If you want to write an essay it is available here and you can learn it very well. Finally, learn Italian, learn to make websites, create effective advertising, master Photoshop, learn to write correctly, type with ten fingers, draw well, knit, sew clothes. Or maybe you are interested in geography, history, other sciences? We live in a wonderful time when a huge amount of information is available to us. We can learn a lot from the comfort of our home. On the Internet there are courses, lectures, articles, books from the coolest professionals. You can live in a small village and study with a famous teacher from a big city.

However, before we start, let's find out how to make this very learning easier and more effective. How not to leave him after the very first lessons, not to be disappointed. Unfortunately, many people simply do not know how to study on their own.

1. Desire to learn This is perhaps the most important thing you need. The desire is very necessary when you write a lot of essays and you cannot do without college essay help online . There will be no great desire or important reason - nothing will work out. At first you feel the enthusiasm, then it will pass, the routine will come. There will be difficult stages of learning, you will need every effort to get through them. And everything that will move you forward is the very reason. It is impossible to last long on one willpower, do not try. Remember when you finished some big, time-consuming business. What led you to the victorious finish? Interest, desire, or important reason.

2. Set a realistic goal Difficulties in learning appear for those who have a vague idea of ​​what exactly they are striving for. Set a goal: "I want to learn how to write an essay" and with the help of college assignment help online you achieve these goals. You don't need general goals like "I want to be fluent in English." What exactly will you do with your English? Communicate regularly with foreigners or watch movies and read articles on English-language sites? What do you want to draw - comics, pencil portraits? Or maybe landscapes in watercolor? Do you plan to eventually become a professional, pass some kind of exam, participate in competitions? Or study for your own pleasure? Of course, you need to develop all the skills: you cannot say that you speak English if you cannot speak it. But the main emphasis in training is on your goal.

3. Look for good courses and learning materials Do not try to randomly snatch information from the Internet: “Now I will learn to draw eyes, and tomorrow - a flower or a cat. Today I will learn this list of verbs, and tomorrow - how the future tense will be formed. " It is best to study in such courses, where sequentially, lesson after lesson, experienced teachers lead from the very basics to complex rules and skills. Such a course is the foundation of your learning. But you can independently supplement it with other articles, lessons from the Internet in order to repeat, clarify or practice what you have learned.

4. Time for classes For serious training, you will need at least an hour a day. Better two or three hours. You can divide this time: do a little work in the afternoon, and then continue in the evening. Some people learn better in the morning, before noon. Others in the evening after six. During the day, our brains are a little relaxed, clogged with current problems, and everyone's learning abilities are equally average. If you can choose, find the right time for yourself. This will improve the training efficiency several times.

5. Do not burn out Training is not a sprint. This is a long marathon. If you start too fast, you will run out early and you will have to retire. If now, on enthusiasm, you begin to study for five to eight hours a day, after a week you will get bored with it, and gradually the classes will come to naught. Maintain an even, calm pace, never overwork or torture yourself.

6. Take notes Briefly write down important information, rules. It is better remembered this way, and you can easily repeat the material covered by the notes. Summaries will help when you apply knowledge in practice - in a couple of minutes you can spy on something, clarify.

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