Best Persuasive Topics for Middle School Students

One golden rule that every student, no matter at which stage of their academic life, should memorize and stick to when it comes to writing persuasive essays or giving a persuasive speech is to choose a topic that is interesting for both you and readers. Persuasive essays are not like other forms of writing. They are intended to persuade the audience effectively, so they must be written on a topic on which people hold various perspectives.

If you're a middle school student and are tasked with writing a persuasive essay, then I'd offer you to dedicate your few minutes to read this article. Here we've gathered some interesting persuasive essay topics for an essay writer to choose from. They are from different fields of study, so you will have the option to choose from whatever field that interests you or your teacher has asked you to write on.

Why Should Students Choose an Interesting Topic

The reasons why I'm stressing over the choice of the interesting topic are:

        When you write on something that interests you, you tend to give it your 100% effort.
        Students who choose interesting topics usually get higher grades than others.
        It keeps the reader engaged throughout the essay.
        It is the key to writing a winning essay.

And the list goes on. For middle school students, grades mean the most. When I wrote my essay, I'd give special attention to the choice of topic as well. Speaking from personal experience, they would earn me higher grades than other essays to which I didn't give proper thought.

List of Best Persuasive Topics

    Trending Topics

        Does social media misrepresent the personality of an individual?
        Should the Covid-19 vaccine be free for all?
        Is online education effective?
        Is shopping an unhealthy way of coping with stress?
        Should marijuana be legalized for athletes?
        Are influencers on Instagram painting a life far away from reality

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        Is coffee harmful when taken excessively?

    Topics Related to Animals

        Should wildlife trading be legalized?
        Reasons why we should start banning zoos and aquarium
        Adopting rather than buying pets
        Why should wildlife be protected?
        Hunting for sports should be banned
        Reasons why the cloning of animals need to stop
        Prohibition of animal shows

    Topics Related to Environment

        Why has the elimination of environmental threats become crucial?
        Why do environmental laws need to be stricter?
        Effect of environmental pollution on animals and plants
        Increased global warming caused by technological advancements
        Lack of environment conservation programs
        Non-vegans have no respect for animals. True or a myth

    General Topics

        Ignorance is bliss. How?
        After war comes peace
        Can women be stronger than men?
        Why should stereotyping need to end now?
        Collecting toys is a waste of money
        Real happiness does not lie in money
        Food poisoning caused by school cafeterias
        Is it safe for you to have a pet around kids?

    Topics Related to Education?

        Should higher education be a right for all?
        Why should every school have an athletic scholarship?
        How is education important in building a career?
        Does online schooling have a reverse effect?
        Should homework be banned in all schools?
        Punishment is not the way to stop school bullying

You will probably find your topic of interest from the above list. If you’re also that school kid who finds writing persuasive essays, then that’s normal. There were times when I didn’t want to write my essays and get help from experts who’d write my paper. That’s normal in students and something that they should not be worried about. You’re allowed to take a moment of rest from the monotonous school routine.

But remember that when your resting is over, you should come back stronger and energetic than ever.

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