Critical Referencing Mistakes That Every Student Should Avoid - Guide 2022


Academic writing is a conventional writing style employed by students in academic settings such as universities and scholarly journals. Students are often required to write academic essays, research papers, and dissertations academically, as they meet in journals and articles on scholastic matters. Although academic writing utilizes the very same creative process as other types of documents, it has its own specific set of material, format, and style conventions. An essay writer ability to regulate specific conventions is mostly assessed by the reader. It may, however, vary depending on the audience, objective, and writing scenario.



Learning how to accurately reference is a critical aspect of academic writing. It demonstrates how your ideas fit into previous research and how current knowledge has shaped and developed your notions. It involves a little planning and craftsmanship, but it is not tough, and it will help you avoid infringement and ethical violations.

Often students are confused by different referencing styles that are being used in academic writing, which leads to mistakes in the final draft. According to many studies, even the tiniest of errors are most likely to elicit unfavorable feedback from readers. In case you are not confident about the referencing, an essay writing service can aid you. They are experts in building references for any kind of format. This can make your essay more effective.

The typical mistakes that students often make with regard to references are given below. These should be avoided in order to do any effective referencing.


The running header is a simple and frequently overlooked first step in a document with a title page. As per research published in 2013, more than 80% of articles assessed either did not have a running head or had a running head that was incorrectly designed. Students frequently question why the complete title is displayed on the title page in the first place. However, just as a resume offers an employer the first perception of you, your title page does the same for your paper.

To avoid a problem like this, an essay writer should make sure to proofread the paper thoroughly before submitting it.

In order to avoid forgetting or neglecting to include the critical running head, I tend to set up the headers before I begin to write my essay.


One of the most troubling areas for many students is In-text citations. Students spent a lot of time reading and looking for data to present in their papers that were relevant to their research. Citations in the text are used to provide credit where it is due. According to a survey, a large percentage of articles usually have issues with in-text citations. In-text citations are handled differently in different referencing styles, which should not be neglected. In-text citations in APA style, for example, must include the author's last name and the year of publication. Also provided are a quote or page numbers from the source work.


Although an essay writer may very well have grasped in-text citations, it is equally crucial to accurately cite those references in a reference list. The most typical blunders committed by students in this area are forgetting to include an in-text citation source in the reference list or the source listed in the reference list isn't always found in the paper.

Before submitting the work, essay writers should compare all in-text sources with those contained in the reference list to avoid making this mistake. Make sure they're all the same and that the author's name and the year are just the same.


It is critical to mention the page number in your paper while directly quoting or paraphrasing from an original source. Many online resources, on the other hand, do not include a page number for the source. In such cases, the writer frequently overlooks the importance of mentioning the page number, resulting in the paper or essay having a negative impression. In such a case, the writer can insert the paragraph number or abbreviate the header in quotes, among other choices. Including direct quotations from reliable sources, on the other hand, brings significance and credibility to the article. By properly acknowledging sources, Dissertation Writing Services can maintain credibility.


As already discussed, it is important to include the author’s last name and publication year for an in-text citation; however, oftentimes there is more than one author for a source. Thus, another common error made by students is usually failing to properly cite the sole source with more than a few sources. To avoid making such mistakes, students must carefully review the sources before finally submitting the paper.

In order to see more about how to do critical referencing, you can also visit internet sites. Sites like referencing an essay and some others have a collection of samples on how to do correct referencing. You can also take help from referencing generating tools as well.

Remember referencing is one of the crucial parts of any academic writing and if not handled properly can result in depletion of your grades or GPA.




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