Bonus for document
This form of bonus is very common in Italy, because in our country the Customs Monopoly Agency that regulates the gambling sector requires that everyone players have verified their identity within 30 days after registering at the online casino by sending a copy of their document and the Tax Code.
Failure to comply with this provision provides for automatic account cancellation and it is for this reason that online gaming sites have submitted a bonus document. Its amount is relatively small, a few tens of euros, but it certainly pushes customers not to leave the casino until they have made the most of it.
• Bonus among the most popular in Italy;
• Useful for both the player and the operator;
• Generally of low economic value.
Bonus newsletter
 The bonus newsletter is one of those offers that we find less and less at online casinos; this happens for at least two reasons: the introduction of push notifications to remind new customers of consent to receive promotional emails and the GDPR privacy law.
Regardless, some online casinos continue to offer this type of bonus to their customers in order to promote a newsletter subscription with which to periodically publish new offers.
• A rare type of bonus;
• Loyalty system;
• Useful as a source of information.
Social network bonus
Nowadays, even online casinos with bonuses are closely related to the world of social networks, platforms used to attract new customers and keep those already registered.
To this end, some gambling sites have introduced a social media bonus that you can receive immediately after you like the official casino page on Facebook or after you start following it on Instagram. This offer consists of a few euros, but it is still the money given away.
• The bonus is becoming more common;
• Used to recruit players on new platforms;
• Low budget but easy to get.
Refer a friend bonus
One of the most common offers among websites selling goods or services is a promotion that encourages word of mouth. In the world of online casinos, in this case we are talking about the “Invite a Friend” bonus, which is paid to you every time the person you invite registers on your site.
You can use it to create a customer network of your own casino among friends, as well as between relatives and acquaintances. For each new registration, you are paid a bonus of several tens of euros, the cost in any case is much lower than that of a client who has just registered on the gambling site.
• Word of mouth;
• Spoil the player to get a new one;
• Creation of a loyal network of players.
Sticky and non-sticky bonuses or high roller bonuses
One of the latest innovations in online casino offers and promotions is the introduction of so-called sticky bonuses. These incentives are designed primarily to retain high-stakes customers, those who have a habit of bidding above average.
Unlike standard bonuses, also known as non-sticky bonuses, they cannot be withdrawn even after the wagering requirements have been met.
Basically, these are virtual super bonuses that are used only as a tool for betting that would otherwise be impossible. When a promotion seems too affordable, it's best to be careful and read its terms and conditions carefully, as it may well hide a sticky bonus.
• Personalized offers;
• Return of losses;
• Higher deposit or reload bonus