Today's topic is quite intriguing: “Fast reading versus slow reading”. Does the speed of reading have to do with intelligence? Does the constant handling of the texts favor a quick reading? I have been working with texts for at least 10 years and I read very slowly ... Furthermore - not infrequently - I need to go over a few paragraphs two, three times. This does not mean that I cannot read a text quickly without understanding it. I can read a lot in a single day and absorb the main messages. The issue that will be addressed here must go beyond these parameters.

There are several types of literature and, consequently, many classes of readers. Therefore, each text has a specific purpose / message for its target audience. A poem and an advertisement, for example, have a completely different structure and message. However, both in the ad and in the poem, we seek to access the less rational sectors of the reader. In a good advertisement, the text / image is capable of printing, in the individual's mind, the awareness of the urgency to acquire something that will bring "satisfaction"; and in a good poem, the reader stretches mentally in the delicious emotional experiencethat textual resources are capable of offering.

In the previous post, we talked about how to overcome the difficulty of writing . We said that reading a text for the purpose of just capturing messages is not enough for the development of good writing; that it would also be necessary to analyze the resources used (signaling, emphasis, effects, etc.). But this is also true for the reading itself.

A critical reader makes linguistics his philosophy. He is always looking for the perfect equalization between words, their resources and their respective messages. At each reading, he creates an imaginary dialogue with the author. Sometimes this psychological dialogue becomes acidic! For him, a linguistic problem, depending on the severity, can result in the breaking of his literary relationship with its author !! For him, reading a text with many linguistic problems is like walking on a street full of obstacles.

Getting back to reading speed

Considering the multiplicity of behavior that each individual may adopt during reading, it is possible to venture an explanation for the difference in the time spent by each person. Whoever reads a work simply to collect its implicit message, has only one endeavor; however, the one who reads rubbing his own body between the lines and curves of this same work, has many endeavors.

This reader is a real problem for some writers! But, on the other hand, it serves as a driving force in the sense of maintaining the standard and the qualitative development of literary works. Writers should never fear them. An experienced author, who has many satisfied readers, is not guided only by the praise he receives from his fans. He has a generously open ear, including criticism. These are the ones that most encourage you to find the hidden problems in your works.

Proofreader is a Highly Critical Reader

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find a reader who really wants to criticize your idol. It is much easier to ask for an autograph!

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