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ADpack And PTC Legit

-Earn 0.000006 To 0.00005 LTC Per Click.
-Referral Commission 0.0000005 To 0.0000025 LTC Per Click
-AdPacks ROI 20-25%( Need to view 10 AD every day)

-Earn 0.5 To 20 SLT Per Click.
-Referral Commission 0.08 To 0.35 SLT Per Click
-Purchase SLT Power Roi 125% ( Need to view 10 AD every day)

-Free Members.
-Free Faucet 0.001$-100$ per click.
-BANKROLL INVESTMENTS ROI 150% (1-5% profit ever day)

-Earn up to 0.00031 mBTC per click
-Referral commission 40% to 80% per click
-Minimum payout is 0.10000 mBTC

-Faucet Bitcoin Every Hour.
-Extra : offerwalls , Shortlinks , Activity Rewards
-Referral Commission 15% of their faucet claims ,3% of their offerwalls.
-Contest  Referral,Shortlinks,offerwalls (Every week there is a new contest)

-Faucet Bitcoin Every Hour.
-Earn bitcoin PTC,Offerwalls,Surveys ,Play Games ,Multiply
-Minimum payout is 35000 coin

-Earn up to 0.00100 mBTC per click
-Earn 8.5%-17.5% referral bonuses
-Minimum payout is only 0.1 mBTC

-Earn up to 6 - 40  satoshi per click
-Extra : Offer. surveys,Contest
-Referral Commission 10-100% Per click
-Minium payout 10000 satoshi

-Main Reward, exp next Levels
-Extra : Achievements. shortlinks,Offerwalls
-Minimum payout 250 Coins

-Get 100-1000 satoshi per click
-Cashout at 100 click
-Instant cashout on FaucetPay,Bitcoin address

Best Faucet

-Faucet USDT Every Hour.
-Referral Commission 50% Faucet
-Minium payout 0.1 USDT

It's Free And All That You Need
Is The Same Email For Registration.
First Step, Make Registration On Coinpot Micro Wallet.

Second Step, Make Registration On Coinpot Faucet On A Banner (See Below).
Remember, To Every Claim You Will Get 3 Coinpot Tokens, You Can Convert Them To Your Crypto As You Wish.

Make Money On The Browser

-Earn money from Popup,bane,video
-Referral 10 levels
-Minium payout 0.1$

-Earn money auto like,comment
-Extra : Task like, share intagram...
-Minnium payout  10$


***!!! NEW PTC SITE Alert! Just Launched  !!!***