Making Money Online

Hi! I'm a Vegan girl that rescue animals (6 pets), live in Japan and was looking for ways to make some money from the computer cause you know, I got feed them ^_^. That's when I found Ptcs, Paid to read, online jobs and even that there are social networks share their revenues with users.

Call me Kate and contact me if you need help or have questions, I'd love to help.

Here a list of the 'jobs' that are honest and if you are interested, please join.
Thank you, woof!

To be honest, here's a tip: don't expect too much too soon. We have to be persistent in this, to gain referrals, to click almost everyday. If you expect riches without effort you'll get disappointed ^_^ I know I did because of the promises some not so honest people advertised around. Just be active and then you will realize that you are actually making some money here and there without spending yours.

The next one it's for traffic exchange. You can earn from it but it's not much and it is a slow earner. It's more about getting visitors so you can get your precious referrals for the services above ^_^