Welcome to My treasure trooper blog

Treasure Trooper has been around for 13 years.It is a GPT site (get paid to) Whether you have used it before or never used it in the past few months it has undergone some changes. More surveys have been added for both international and USA. The study storm feature now allows for more countries. It can be found under the cash surveys tab. Look for Study Storms then study Storm 2.

Study storm 2

This has a points system. whenever you qualify for a survey you get points. The more you do the more surveys you get with the option of some higher paying ones.

Treasure Trooper Currency


These are the silver coins you will see on treasure trooper. These are used to buy gift cards. Amazon Gift cards are 20 plats and visa cards are 51. There are lots of ways to accumulate these. Build up arrows from being shot at or grabbing from chat or the cash wall feature by doing surveys and offers. They also have chat games on Wednesdays and arrow storms every 2nd day. (this is posted 10 minutes on the official TT twitter page before they happen). once you have 100 arrows you go to the redeem tab then currency converter. you convert 100 arrows to 1 plat and continue this until you have 20 or 51. Platinum offers can be found under Earn Tab. this is also a way to earn them.


These are the easiest to earn. You can earn arrows by joining the treasure trooper chatroom. you get arrows from storms as mentioned from in the above or from when people shoot you. You will need to be registered for chat as its a separate part of treasure trooper. to register click on the bottom links under recommended offers where it says register a nickname. follow the instructions. To shoot arrows type the following in chat. "Shoot username" eg Shoot Nandy" or whoever it is you decided that is there at the moment. you also have the shoot air command that shoots an arrow into the sky and lands on a random person.
Cash wall. this will lead you to 7 different tabs each featuring different providers. try each one until you can find offers for yourself. You can also earn arrows from the cash search feature. Use it like you would google and you can win random amounts of arrows.

Gold coins

These can also be earned in chat. a random coin will show up in chat with the following sentence " A gold coin lands on your head". You then try grab in chat. the first person to do so will claim the gold coin. don't worry if you don't get one. there is one every hour at a random time. gold coins can also be earned in jungle  slots or level 1 dragon battles. Now you are probably asking your self what do i do with these. You can use them in jungle slots found under play where you can win any of the listed currencies or win $1. You can also see them to buy pieces of the treasure map. this will take you on a journey where you can win up $100 plus 10 pulls on the slot machine.

Dragon Scales

You can earn these by chatting for 1 hour a day. or if available to you doing Daily surveys.These are used to buy anything dragon related to help you to build up your dragon lair. so you can either breed more dragons, battle for money or sell.
it may sound like a game but its a fun way at earning money.


These can be used to get free referrals. When you reach 8 pearls. click on redeem and trading hut. look for the exchange for a pearl bracelet. You will then be awarded to free referrals as soon as they can. This can be hit or miss. you might get lucky and earn refs that can do surveys or ones that cant or wont try. I really recommend you keep trying.

Cash offers

As you guessed it this is a way to earn cash on the site from doing surveys. Don't worry the title does not mean you have to get out your credit card. There are more free cash offers then paid. You can get an extra chance at pearl game if you are in chatroom and are registered with a nickname when a offer completes. you will then be redirected to pearl game where you will choose from 3 boxes. 1 will contain the pearl. plus any money you earned from survey


Finally the last and most important Topic. You can cash out by entering your PayPal details then cash out when you reach $20. or you can redeem gift cards Amazon or Visa.

This may be a lot to process but there are lots of people to help. I recommend either joining chatroom or forum. Please note the chatroom in my experience is a bit more active. Please if you are interested please use the sign up links. I come from outside USA every cent helps and dollars. I am not here to get rich. Please note if no surveys work for you now still keep you account open the admins of the site are looking for new offers all the time for all countries.