Ladies and Gents, I am presenting few opportunities where you can earn bitcoins for FREE FREE FREE
You won't have to invest anything here, simply cashout but if you want to invest or for any doubts that you might have,then contact me

1. <----- 100 WCX tokens
This is a new cryptocoin being launched by wall street veterans. This coin once launched at trading platforms will act as token and owners of coins will receive a part of trading fee.
You receive 100 coins for signup and lot more for referring your friends.
                     How will this work...
After launching whenever this coin is traded with another coin, users holding the coin will receive a part of the fee obtained from that transaction. For eg: if you have just 100 coins and total trading volume of coin is worth 1BTC everyday (that is small volume, mind you) then your monthly income is $6
so basically $6 per month for nothing and if you put efforts then you get $100 monthly for nothing.

2. 1stGHS <----- FREE 5 GHS
This is  a typical mining site with GHS market, meaning you can buy and sell your mining power and take profit from market volatility or simply let the site do mining for you. Daily profit is 0.0000045BTC

3. FreeminingBTC <----- Profit 0.0005BTC daily :o

4. EligiusMining <----- Free 5 GHS and daily profit of 0.00017 BTC

5. Cryptostar <----- Free 5GHS and daily profit of $0.005

6. NanoHash <----- 15KHs and daily profit of $0.16

These are Paid to click sites where you earn money for clicking some ads but a good strategy is required to earn good amount on these sites. So again contact me to get strategies for sites.