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                     How will this work...
This is best PTP with TE feature meaning you can surf their traffic exchange and promote anything.
Or you can even promote their PTP page on their Traffic Exchange earning awesome $0.5 for every 1000 valid hits.
You can even sell the credits you earn from them.
Their PTP can be promoted on any "MANUAL" traffic exchange.
Please don't use bots because they are very strict and besides it reduces the efficiency for all of us too.

What would you get : Actually over the years, via clicking and promos and contests, I have earned tons of credits on almost all popular TE sites and I am using them now to earn $$ every month on PTP. Now if you join under me and upgrade then I will use my hard earned credits to earn you $3 and then you can promote it yourself. Also I will tell you tricks to easily earn credits on top manual TE.

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How do you earn the credits to promote your PTP pages??

1. Traffic exchanges with weekly jackpots
How will this work...
This Traffic Exchange sites gives upto WHOPPING 70% commissions on referral purchases and upgrades. Also they pay upto $0.5 for every acive referral. I have earned almost $150 with these sites.

BEST FEATURE : weekly jackpots giving you upto $2 :).
you simply have to complete few tasks every daily for a week. you accumulate points that way and top points earners wins weekly jackpots of upto $2 every week and a hell lot of credits, banner and text impressions.
With upgrades you earn double the money and credits in weekly jackpots.

2. Ad-coop sites                      
                     How will this work...
These sites are ad-coop which means you earn credits by promoting their PTP link on other sites via link advertising or banner advertising. when your link gets viewed by someone, you get a fraction of credit. These credits you use to promote your own link on ad-coop sites. These sites promote your site on hundreds of traffic exchanges.
This sites gives upto WHOPPING 60% commissions on referral purchases and upgrades.

BEST FEATURE : Promote your site on hundreds of TE sites with one link :)


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