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New to the online business game? Here are some fundamental tools you NEED in order to get started

 with your new service-based business.

Mangools is a package of easy to use SEO tools that cover everything from

keyword research, rank tracking, backlink analysis to SEO analysis of competitors. It's great for

bloggers, affiliate marketers, marketing agencies, SEO professionals and beginners.


Our experience with Upleap was really good, and we did feature it before in our article

about the best Instagram tools available a few months back. I run my personal account with them

now and see similar results, so I don’t think their service is just for businesses or brand influencers.

You can sign up to Upleap for free with a 3-day, no-commitment free trial. We didn’t even add any

payment details until our trial period was finished.

Crowdfire is a social media management platform used by brands, businesses, agencies,

individual, enterprises and startups to help drive social media engagement and growth. Crowdfire is a

packed in features ranging from content publishing, content curation, customer service, engagement to

social listening all in one place at a competitive price. Crowdfire is simple to understand, helps you

save tons of time, has a host of features in a single place and is the perfect tool to grow and manage

your social accounts.


An online tool that provides detailed search and keyword information, to get the

guidance they need to create great marketing content. People ask Google (or whichever search engine

they prefer) questions that they aren’t going to ask anyone else – not their co-workers, their best

friends, or sometimes even their doctors.

 This means that search engine data, which AnswerThePublic collects, can tell you everything you need to

know about your customers that they aren’t going to tell you themselves. When you help people solve the

problems that keep them up at night – or at least that cross their mind when they are bored in a meeting

– they will trust your brand and hopefully buy your products and services.

   With your content and our search listening tool, it’s easy to grow your business. Whether you

work in SEO, content, PR, creative or marketing.


Post To Hundreds Of Facebook Groups At Once

   You can post to multiple Facebook Groups at once with Pilot Poster. All you need to do is compose your

post, set intervals, select your groups and POST. We'll take over from there. With PP Autoposter, you can

not only post to groups you own or manage, it let you post to all groups you are a member of. To post to

any Facebook group, all you need to do is to join such group.

   Pilot poster is the first auto poster that let you Post Products to Facebook Sales groups. So if you

have products to market on Facebook, you do not need to run an expensive Facebook campaign, all you need

is a Pilot Poster account and run your campaign completely effortlessly!

Post To Unlimited Facebook Fan Pages

   Pilot is not just a Facebook Group Auto Poster, but also an auto Poster for Facebook Pages.

You can schedule posts to unlimited number of Facebook pages that you own without having to spend a dime

on expensive tools. This is the perfect tool for Facebook marketers and social media managers.

   That is not all, you can also post to hundreds of Pages that you've liked. So you are not limited to

pages you own alone, you can take advantage of active and busy pages to showcase what you've got to

offer. Efficient and effective.

Separate Your Groups By Categories

You might not achieve the right result by presenting a good post to the wrong audience.

We have made this a lot easier with Pilot Poster Group Category. By categorizing groups, you can post the

right article to the right facebook audience. So you have to worry less about group admins approving your

post because with the right post, they'll be forced to :D. So sign up now and start posting!

   Are You Scared Of Ban? We Got You Covered!

   No one likes being spammed, same applies to facebook. The facebook spam detector bans

accounts that violates it's pre-set rules. We understand the major part of this rule and that is why we

have design Pilot Poster with so much features to avoid you being ban.
Get started with Facebook Marketing today.


Vidnami is an excellent online app that lets you easily create videos for your

business. Originally created to turn blog posts into video format to get your content repurposed and

reach a wider audience, Vidnami allows you to do so much more now.

   The app comes with some fantastic features and it will allow you to easily create HD videos for any

purposes, whether you want to create ads, make videos for multiple social media platforms or even create

videos for an online training course, Vidnami allows you to do this.

Vidnami is a web-based software that allows you to create professional looking videos in a matter of

minutes. Click on the button below and try it for free.