Bamboo flooring is very strong. The key is to make sure that the bamboo the manufacture uses has been matured for a period of 5 years or more. Most of the bamboo comes from china. The environment can be quite harsh thus; the bamboo grows to become an extremely strong and durable material.

It is interesting to note that most bathroom bamboo flooring that has been processed using the straw weave technique is more durable than even the most durable Brazilin hardwood floors. The best part about bamboo flooring is that it is usually cheaper than most hardwood flooring materials on the market today.

Bamboo flooring is very safe to install in your home. The glues that are used to bind the strands together must pass stringent inspections to make sure they are not harmful. Manufacture of bamboo flooring also take extreme interest in the environmental aspect of not harvesting bamboo until they have reached a mature state thus allowing the forest to continue to flourish.

Bamboo flooring is a great choice of flooring material if you are considering a hardwood look without the hardwood cost. Yes, there are other solutions as well that will give you the hardwood look at a much smaller price tag, but they are not natural materials like the bamboo flooring will be.