Every profession is important in this particular life. Because of this. To fully grasp your profession you want to work together with the spirit and love it with all of your heart. Loyalty. Yes, it was hard to research, because an"individual" physician, for instance, an ophthalmologist, researched merely his specialty. My profession suggests understanding of psychology, anatomy, surgery, chemistry along with a dozen other areas. And to learn them well, you should have a great memory, self indulgent and a great desire to understand, not just to come to cooperation. I knew from childhood that I wanted to be a veterinarian. I had a precise goal and a direct route to my own dream. I knew for sure that I would input the Academy, the Faculty of Bioengineering and Veterinary Medicine, and become an expert who understands a whole lot about his specialization.

  In response to an urge to help and provide life you get the rudeness of the owners, who don't understand neither in veterinary medication, nor at the maintenance of animals generally, but sure that failed diseases are treated using a magic shot, and we just extract money from them. As they say it's the total cost of the career, '' I love my job!

 Now I have learned an excellent honour and long-awaited sense of joy which I realized in my childhood dream. I started my own medical practice. Here I learn a lot and gain expertise, so that later on I won't make errors. But if you consider it. Life without errors and misses does not teach me anything else. A human being doesn't develop. Therefore, I understand and accept the blows of fate, it might happen that the puppy won't survive after treatment, etc.. The most important thing is that the veterinarian ought to be calm and confident that he did everything right, however, there are other aspects that prevented the dog from living. My job is quite hard. You wear it all day long! From time to time, a neglected dog with terrible injuries is attracted, from time to time, a kitten with a plague, which clearly will no longer be assisted... And you attempt to save them all. And you can not, just because you can not save them all.

 Hi. My name is Jane Lapointe, I'm 35 years old, so I work as a doctor-veterinarian in a private practice. I run my website, write articles for the site about pets https://petexperta.com/ . My articles contain accurate, proven expertise and practical details. I try to provide significant recommendations, reviews, and testimonials to ease and improve the quality of life for both hosts and their pets.