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Reviews are among the most important sales tools. The survey with all respondents revealed that 20.1 percent read customer comments before purchasing or making use of services. 29.5% considered the opinions of their peers, while only 9.9 percent did not.

Customers can post comments on their experience working with your company and become a source for original content which search engine crawlers consider when ranking sites. These posts are a fantastic way to increase targeted traffic to your resource and improve the position of your site in search results.

Ask for feedback. Customers are the ones who will be able to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the services and products that you provide. By regularly monitoring the reviews of your company, you will be able to improve the quality of products, adjust the work of departments, and so on.
It is crucial that the customer has the chance to use the product and voice his opinion. But it is equally crucial to keep a record of his experience. The letter should include a personal appeal, as along with the main points of the request. It is best to mail the letter again in the event of no response. You will lose any efficient channels to get feedback if you continue to pester customers with these notifications.

If you have accumulated a pretty decent customer base, be sure to use it to gather information about the opinions of your customers about your business, its product quality and service, pricing policies, the relevance of published blog posts, and so on. Think about segmenting your customers by date and activity.
Send emails to users after compiling a user list. Ask for them to write a short review about you. The majority of people will write a few lines about you if they're reading your blog.
To share positive or negative feedback about the purchase, consumers can post comments under product photos and in the discussion thread.