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Payment proof can be found here!

Sites with payment proof

Main categories :

0. New paying games
1. Payment processor,Currency exchange
2. Freelance , Freelance in bitcoin
3. Bitcoin games
4. More games in bitcoin
5. Paid to click (bitcoin)
6. Paid to click
7. Traffic exchange
8. Miscellaneous earning
10.Bitcoin Facuets
11.Articles writing
12.Revenue sharing /Affiliate program
13.Get paid by sharing links
14.Forum, Social media that paying
15.Image and Video marketplace
16.Tutorial (Earn by views)

Hello! These sites are no need to invest any $$ to join and earn money or using their so called free advertising! And of course there are some paying services inside where you have choices for them!

(To receive payment,it is Needed to give correct information ! But it is Not recommended to take any risks in investing money or giving your birthday, physical address and your id documents etc!)

Sites below are trusted sites at the time of my posting, I will update them if there are changes!

Usually exchanging your earned money to PayPal to cashout!

Better not directly cashout using PayPal in Paid to click( ptc) sites!

Status: My participation experience

Reputation: From reviews, forums

Just keep patience and earn extra income

$$$New games i have tried paying

1. Bitfootball:

Status: 5000 satoshi paid
Reputation: Excellent

2. Earnably:

Status: Paying
Reputation: Excellent

Earnably has many different ways to earn.
Can level up your earning rates!
Paying in PayPal, bitcoin, Amazon gift cards!

3. Btc4play:

Status: participating
Reputation: Good

RPG Bitcoin strategy game

***Trusted payment system, currency exchanger (After you earn your bitcoin,perfectmoney etc ,you can exchange them directly to bank or PayPal etc!)

0. Localbitcoin:

Status: 3000000 satoshi transfer successfully
Reputation: Excellent


1. Bestchange:

Status: participating
Reputation: Good

Best Currency Exchange suggestions in

2. Facuethub:

Status: been paid 500000 satoshi

Reputation: Excellent

Best bitcoin microwallet

Trusted ,easy to use!
Support bitcoin , dogecoin ,litecoin etc!
Many users now! Supp many bitcoin games and Facuets!


3. Perfect money:

Status: $10 transaction

Reputation: Good

Payment processor with annual interest better than a bank!
Also support bitcoin!

Perfect money

4. Payza:

Status: participating
Reputation: Good

Payment processor!
Easy to use!

5. Payeer:

Status: $0.02 transaction
Reputation: Unknown

Payment processor with some currency exchange!


6. Changer :

Status: Exchange 5000 Doges to perfectmoney successfully
Reputation: Good

Trusted currency exchange! Almost immediately with low fee!

Trusted currency exchange

7. 24pay:

Status: participating
Reputation: Good

Immediate currency exchange!

24pay- currency exchange

8. Unichange:

Status: participating
Reputation: Excellent

Immediate currency exchange!

9. Payoneer

Status: participating
Reputation: Good

Payoneer can provide easy and simple bank transfer service. Many companies has been partnership with payoneer ! Established many years!

Good bank transfer choice

10. Bit-changer

Status: participating
Reputation: Good

***Freelancer , Freelance in bitcoin

1. Freelancer

Status: participating
Reputation: Excellent

Well established freelance site for many years!

Freelancer: World based freelance site

2.  Cryptoglind

Status: participating
Reputation: Unknown

A very low fee marketplace for workers and employers.
Many types of jobs to choose!


3. Seo-clerk

Status: participating
Reputation: Good

A freelance marketplace that has many choices to make money!
You can also ask people to complete your desired tasks!

3. Onlinemicrojob

Status: participating
Reputation: Good

A famous online microjob marketplace that includes very small easy tasks to large difficult task!

Online microjob marketplace

4. Vipwol

Status: participating
Reputation: Good

An online marketplace!

Online marketplace

***Bitcoin games

1. Freebitco:

Status: paid 400000 satoshi
Reputation: Excellent

Most trusted 4 year and high earning per hour(with daily interest rate)!

Around 200 satoshi per hour!
With reward point each time you can exchange gifts and bitcoin!Free lottery ticket!

   (275-300 satoshi)

2. Freedoge:

Status: paid 1800 doges
Reputation: Excellent

Very Trusted and high paying dogecoin Facuets!

3. Digital Artist:

Status: paid 23000 satoshi
Reputation: Good

High earning (6 Facuets total with average 200 satoshi per 5 mins!

Digital art ! New site , clean, easy very high earning, earning statistics take around one hour to update! Click the Facebook login button to join!

4. Moon Sites:

Status: paid 100 Doges, 500000 litoshi
Reputation: Excellent

High earning coin site!
Just solving one captcha!
High Trusted!
Up to 100% loyalty bonus!

**Exciting $$ games (bitcoin$)
Tiny easy game ...

1. Rain pool:

Status: 100000 satoshis paid
Reputation: Excellent

Chat and get experience !
Claim Facuets and get around triple paid! 5 to 10 claims usually I claim ! You can ask me advice if you join !

2. Tomy game:

Status: paid 20000 satoshi
Reputation: Good(paying, but change sites half a year from pervious experience)

Great animation!
Similar to Pokemon game!
Play games, win bitcoin and earn daily interest!!

3. Bandirun, Smurfgo:

Status: paid 300 satoshi
Reputation: Good(same as tomygame)

Easy game ,win bitcoin!

***Bitcoin paying game!High earning! Clean site!

1. Cytopracer:

Status: paid 200000 satoshi
Reputation: Excellent

Car racing game!

Car racing game,high earning around 500 satoshi per hr,very stable,payout with Facuethub!

2. Clickfight:

Status: participating
Reputation: Good

Fighting vs mode RPG earning game!

3. Bitfun:

Status: paid 13000 satoshi
Reputation: Good

high earning Facuets!
Very clean!

4. Referbitcoin:

Status: participating

Reputation: Unknown
Many bonus rewards : 7 bonus ! Have ptp program!

5. Virtual hub:

Status: paid 18000 satoshi
Reputation: Excellent

A sim hub with lot of upgrade strategy game!

6. Bitplay:

Status: participating

Reputation: Good
Upgrade strategy game!

Bitcoin RPG and games! upgrade to earn more!

7. Freebtcmine:

Status: paid 200000 satoshi
Reputation: Excellent

A clean Facuet with upgrade!

Btcminegame, upgrade to earn more!

8. Game faucet:

Status: participating
Reputation: Excellent

Many games to earn bitcoin! Upgrade to earn more!

9. Facuetgame:

Status: participating
Reputation: Excellent

Without paying your own money and win bitcoin through casino game! (Not gambling coz you don't need to pay your own money!)

10. Bonus bitcoin:

Status: paid 90000 satoshi
Reputation: Excellent

Around 125 satoshi per 15 min! With daily bonus according to your earning amount!

Bonus bitcoin

11. Block Facuet:

Status: participating
Reputation: Excellent

A guessing game to earn bitcoin!

12. Satoshi wars:

Status: paid 20000 satoshi
Reputation: Excellent

Complete mission!
Earn passive income!


13. Pokebits:

Status: participating
Reputation: Excellent

Pokemon RPG game!
Vs mode!
Mission mode!
Chat and earn !
Facuethub payment!

14. Coindrip:

Status: participating
Reputation: Excellent

Free lottery ticket!

Facuet and game site

15. Gold smugglers:

Status: participating
Reputation: Fair

Build up your virtual business(can earn real money,of course!)

Goldsmugglers company game

16. Claimbtc:

Status: participating
Reputation: Good

Facuet with bonus !

Claimbtc: random bonus game

17. Dwarvenbitmine:

Status: participating
Reputation: Good

Upgrade your mine and number of workers =Higher income!
No need to invest!
Earn bitcoin!

18. Crytofight:

Status: participating
Reputation: Unknown

Earn by fighting rpg game!

Fight Rpg game

19. Huntbits

Status: participating
Reputation: Unknown

10 different coins with interest and games


20. Free bitcoin lottery tickets

Status: paid 600 satoshi
Reputation: Good

Claim as many lottery ticket as you can to increase your winning chance in bitcoin!

Big winning in free lottery

21. Crytopworld

Status: paid 100 doges
Reputation: Excellent

Free dogecoin rewards site
Very clean
3 to 6 Doges each claim!
Free 2 lottery ticket.!


**Bitcoin paid to click sites!Need hardworking!

1. Bitsharemarket:

Status: participating
Reputation: Unknown

Earn shares and dividend in bitcoin!
Click ptc ads to earn!
Free earning!

2. World of bitcoin, Clix4btc:

Status: 12000 satoshi paid
Reputation: Good

Bitcoin ptc sites!

*High Trusted and Honest Paid to click (View ads to earn)SITES

1. Scarlet clicks:

Status: participating
Reputation: Excellent

2. Gptplanet:

Status: participating
Reputation: Excellent



(View other ads,then get free advertising credit!
Complete mission and you can set miss for other to complete, whatever you like!
Some competition and games each week!

0. Traffic2bitcoib

Status: participating
Reputation: Good

You can receive bitcoin for each view of your assigned link!

1. Bitcoin traffic exchange(Bitsurfer)

Status: participating
Reputation: Good

Get free advertising and earn bitcoin at the same time!

2. Trafficswirl:

Status: Cannot Earn, but Effective in advertising proofed
Reputation: Good

Traffic exchange !
Combined with games and microjobs!
High Trusted!

3. Buildmydownline:

Status: participating, Effective in advertising proofed
Reputation: Good

Many advertising method!

Pay free credit to others to sign up for you!


Status: participating,accepted in many ptp programs and I have tried
Reputation: Excellent

Very popular traffic exchange site with $$ (at the same time!)

***MISCELLANEOUS earning area (Many earning modes combined in a single site! Interesting! Trusted paying in many payment processor!

1. Donkeymails
2. No-minimum
3. Myfreeshares
4. Youromail
5. Getpaidmail

Status: $1.5 paid
Reputation: Excellent

An integration of ptc, traffic exchange, ptp , revenue share ,sign up offers and play game site!
No investment needed!
Many payment option nearly 10 choices you can choose!
5 levels referral system!

In donkeymails, you don't need to invest. Traffic exchange can both earn you views and money! Promote their specific links can also earn money! These five sites are allowed to promote with each others to earn! ( By traffic exchange, each both money from exchange and ptp)!(You may double check their permitted sites in their ptp programs)!
Or Just click paid to click ads each day , paid to sign up ,  offers they post on main page to earn easily. For each day , you can also earn from watching mails! Try to win in the referral contest as the winning prizes is quite good and may be easier to get first 20 to win small prize compared to many ptc sites!

In myfreeshare, you don't need to invest shares. Just click the shares to click ads each day , share contest, shares to sign up , share offers they post on main page to earn shares easily. For each day , you can get a % of income from your shares passively! Try to win in the referral contest as the winning prizes is quite good and may be easier to get first 20 to win small prize compared to many ptc sites!

In youromail and getpaidmail, both sites have well paid traffic exchange!

**REFBACK( Double Earn!)

Pannonia: paid $4
Others participating

Pannonia : Excellent
Thehighestrefback: Good
Others: Unknown

1. Goldrefback
2. Pannonia refback( The best!)
3. The highest refback (very good, paying)
4. Bestrefback
5. Refbackbank

These sites offer refback services. When you sign up for this sites and becomes referrals of them, then these sites will give back a % of commission they earn from you!

**BITCOIN FACUETS AND FACUEThub and Epay(Solving a captcha and earn your coins)

You can earn bitcoins from below sites without any signup. You may have to sign up with any bitcoin wallet first and get the reward bitcoin to the facuetbox and after you collect enough amount into the facuetbox, you can transfer the amount from facuetbox into your bitcoin wallet! Epay is easy to use and no signup needed!

Many are also instantly paid!(facuethub, epay,direct) And some have games for playing to earn bitcoins @@
(Mostly paid more than 100 satoshi each time)

Status: paid many times, mostly paid for each claim
Reputation: Varies

100% refferal earning

Earn bitcoin with interest rate

100 to 25000 satoshis per claim!

200 satoshis per captcha

90- 150 satoshis per one captcha!

At least 150 satoshis per one captcha!

100 satoshis/ 3 min Excellent!

1000-5000 satoshi!!

Btc 100 satoshi

100 satoshi, fast, clean  Very good earning!

300 satoshis

300 satoshis

Afreebit  clean site!!


100 satoshis, clean




Get some bitcoins


Free satoshi

Free satoshi

Free satoshi

Satoshi free

Timeforbitco  (varies with time)

Worldofbitco   (100-200 satoshi)

Sunbtc      (varies with time)

Weatherbtc     (50-60 satoshi)

Chronox         (varies with time)

Coindice    very good payout




Getyourbitco     (100-200 satoshi)

   (275-300 satoshi)

Xbit      (70 or 100 satoshi)

Goldfacuet    (59 satoshi or above)

Crownfacuet     (59 satoshi or above)

Ninjafacuet     (59 satoshi or above)

Bitcoin-free    (50 to 250 satoshi)

Bitcoindaily    (45 to 100 satoshi)

Ronnysalt     (100 satoshi or above)

Satoshiworld       (100 satoshi above,popup)


Bitcoinearning     (100 satoshi above, popup)

Satoshi machine    (100 satoshi above, popup)

Bitcoinvip     (100 satoshi above, popup)

Gr8 facuethub

Mega facuet


Claim Doge coin for free

***Writing for $$$

1. Iwriter

Status: participating
Reputation: Good

2. Hubpages

Status: participating
Reputation: Excellent

Writing your articles and post in hubpages.
You will get paid by impression views ! (Need Google Adsense account!)


4. Infobarrel

Status: participating
Reputation: Good

Infobarrel offers CPM (commission per view) of your approved articles and earning are paid by PayPal!

Earn passive income

***Revenue sharing program (Affiliate program)

1. Viglink

Status: participating
Reputation: Excellent

Viglink is a sales revenue sharing program which yo just need to paste a single specified link on your blog, then viglink automatically integrated many of your links to affiliate links! No need to sign up many affiliate program separately! If you refer any successful sales using the specified links ,you can get a percentage of revenue!

2. Awebers

Status: participating
Reputation: Good

When someone buys things through you refer, you can get commission!

Long life site!

**Get paid by sharing links

1. Adfly

Status: participating
Reputation: Good

Trusted paying site!
Sharing links and get paid by being clicked!
PayPal, bank transfer!

**Forums that paying

1. Forum coin

Status: participating
Reputation: Excellent

A forum that pays you coins(money) for posting!
You can redeem coins for cash, gift cards, add signature, free domain name and exchange with other users etc!

Paying forum

2. Postloop

Status: participating
Reputation: Good

Posting, doing small tasks and earn money!

3. Virily

Status: participating
Reputation: Good

A social media and writing blogs that pay you money!

Social media , blogs pay you money

**Images and video marketplace

1. Dreamstime

Status: participating
Reputation: Excellent

A great place for buying and selling images here and earn money!

Tutorial (Earn by views)

1. Skillshare

Status: participating
Reputation: Good

You can act as a teacher and upload your teaching videos
You can earn money when students in the site view your videos!

Earning passive income from teaching

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