In this article, I am going to tell you how to increase the domain authority score of your website. If you have a website you must want it to rank the first page on Google search. Google uses 200+ ranking factors to decide the rank of a web page. To rank better, your web page needs to increase its authority.

What is the Moz Domain Authority?

Using independent research Moz developed its own system. The system is known as domain authority. It is a ranking system between 0 to 100. The higher the DA=domain authority, the possibility is the highest the web pages of that domain will rank better. SEO marketers and bloggers still in 2020 have full trust in Moz Domain authority. Till now it is the most popular ranking system.  

How Can I Increase Domain Authority Score?

In one word I can say- increase the link popularity in a natural way. Try to do guest posts on high authority sites, increase social media presence, and lot more things. Here is a list of things you can do-

1. Do on-page optimization perfectly. Site structure, page speed, keyword implementation, and lot more things

2. Build backlinks in a natural way. Don't overdo anything. get links from the high authority sites in a steady manner. Don't use a bot or, anything illegal.

3. Increase Social signal. Social signal is highly important nowadays. Google is changing its algorithm constantly. Link popularity is always a higher priority. Increase organic visitors from social media sites.

4. Care About Google Webmaster. Submit and read messages and notifications from Google and Bing webmasters. Submit the XML sitemap and create a perfect robot.txt file.

5. Patience is Important. Moz domain authority score of your site will not increase overnight. It takes time. After doing all these things it may take time from 1 week to 1 month. Keep doing your job. Do on-page and off-page SEO naturally. And it will increase the search presence and DA of your site.

Can I Buy SEO Service to Increase Domain Authority Score?

Yes, you can. There are lots of SEO service providers who can help you to increase search presence,
organic website visitors, and domain authority. You can spend some money to do it for you.  

I have researched some services. And listed here(you can just click on the link and buy the service by creating an account on the marketplace)-

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The price is different for similar services. Because those are provided by different people. Please visit the link and see their rating, ask for a previous work sample, and then buy it.

What is Moz PA

It indicates the authority of a particular web page, not the whole domain. On the other hand, DA indicates the power of the root domain. During the process of search engine optimization, you have to consider both. And both are internally connected. High DA site has naturally had a high PA.

Don't Get Confused With Ahref DR

Ahref, another SEO company provides another rating system which is known as Ahref Domain Rating(DR). It is not similar to DA. Da indicate how a website will rank on Google. On the other hand, Ahref DR indicate how many authority links a website has.

To make it more clear- DA is a better ranking system to understand how a website will rank. DR doesn't tell you about ranking but, do-follow links from the high authority site. High DR sites also have a higher possibility to rank better.  

What is Majestic Trust Flow- TF

You probably hear about the TF of a site. It means among the total number of backlinks how many have higher authority. It is a continuous ranking factor. TF may change over time. It is calculated for a period of time how many authority links your site is getting.

What is Majestic Citation Flow-CF

This is another wonderful SEO metrics by Majestic. It indicates how much popularity in gaining your site over time. It is also a continuous factor and changes over time.

All the popular website on the internet has higher DA, PA, CF, TF, and DR. All the factors are provided by internationally poplar SEO experts. All the bloggers and SEO experts consider these metrics as a good indicator.

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