SECTION FOUR; How to Mine Bitcoins and Other Coins in the Cloud or in Your Basement!
How to invest Bitcoins safely!

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Mining Bitcoins and Other Coins in the Cloud or in your Basement ! Investing Bitcoins safely !

Crypto Tab Browser. Mine crypto currencies while you use your browser to do other things online!

Eobot Crypto Coin Mining Company

Eobot has two options for you, one is to download their software and start mining bitcoins and other alt-coins on your home computer, at no up-front cost to you ! Later costs would be the extra electricity your computer will use in doing this. This is more than just a pool of various home miners grouped together to GET BITCOINS, check out the site for all the details about this project !

The other is to "partner" with them in obtaining cloud based alt-coin mining gear. Currently, they are offering very low rates on five year mining contracts. You buy what's called "hashing" power, usually by the gigahash. This equates to an amount of energy that is used to compute the "puzzle" that eventually becomes the block chain. Prices vary according to the quantity of units that you purchase, with larger purchases getting the best discounted price. You can buy your mining contracts with crypto currencies or with PayPal ! As in all cloud mining operations, you do not own any of the machines, and you do not incur any of the inherent risks and costs of doing so. Other companies and groups of miners that I have researched on this subject, are far more expensive then these guys.
To immediately get into Bitcoin mining in the cloud, they have access for you to buy into running systems, as well.

As an unadvertised bonus, and possibly only for a short time, Eobot gives you 1 Dogecoin just to log in and check your account, with a maximum of 1 Doge a day. I'm not certain if this applies to unfunded accounts or not, there's no mention of it anywhere that I could find.

These guys will mine all sorts of crypto currencies, so if you're looking for that, then this is for you. At times, they have the lowest prices of cloud mining deals online. You have to compare this and the other cloud miners listed on my page, to get the actual up to the minute prices of the day. There's an affiliate program to which you can sign up to as soon as you join this site, for FREE. No deposit or obligation required to sign up, To do so, you must click through on the link provided below.


Mine Bitcoins

This is an electronic book (e-book) to teach you how to be proficient in mining bitcoins, other crypto currency and how you can start to do so by using a standard computer.

Mine Bitcoins



Invest in and with Bitcoins

BTC POP is a peer to peer lending platform with a lot of cool extras. Essentially, you loan your bits of Bitcoin to people all over the world who have special projects that they need to fulfill. They pay you back with a greater than average interest then you could get almost anywhere else. Loans are qualified by on site reputation, not a credit score. You can also earn passively by investing in their instant loan pool fund. There are a lot of ways for you to invest and you don't need a lot of Bitcoin satoshi's to start with. If on the other hand, you want to borrow Bitcoins, then check this place out.


New multi coin staking system They promise 12% apr on Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin!



Coin trading post and Arbitrage investment center

BitBays was forced to close operations by their host country, the Peoples Republic of China. If you had a deposit with them, click through and get their email address.

CRYPTOTRADER; A Unique Trading Platform

CryptoTrader is the first algorithmic trading platform for BitCoins and other cryptocurrencies. They allow traders to back-test and automate their strategies via a flexible built-in scripting language based on Coffeescript. Trading strategies can be fully automated by using trading robots running on their scalable VPS cloud. The CryptoTrader API allows to implement and test fully featured algorithmic trading strategies, as well as automate trading. NO DEPOSIT or expenditure is required to join and examine the services of CryptoTrader or to promote the site !

In order to start automated trading;

1. Upgrade your account to one of the subscription plans

2. Pick a trading strategy. You can either use an algorithm created by other traders or develop one by yourself, if you have programming skills. Some well-tried strategies can be found at the home page under the 'Featured' tab. If you don't have programming skills, and still want to make your own Bot, then see the next entry for UBotStudio.

3. Back-test the trading strategy you are going to use. In order to understand how the strategy performs on historical market data, open the back-testing tool and paste the code into the editor. Configure back-test settings if needed using the form at the top. Then click the 'Back-test' button. Once the simulation is finished, you will get a log containing all trades done by the algorithm. Back-testing is an important procedure to test validity of any trading strategy.

4. Click the 'Trade' button, you will see the form that allows you to configure the trading bot. Put your API key and secret into it and then click 'Start'. After connecting to the exchange, your trading bot configuration should appear at where the bot will log all its trading activity.

This site has an excellent forum and even allows you to rent a trading bot, inexpensively. DO NOT ASSUME THAT A BOT WILL GUARANTEE PROFITABILITY, you can still lose coins if you are not careful. Make sure that you read the forum prior to renting any bot, just to see how the thing works for others. If there isn't anything available that you like, then you should consider utilizing the superb system at UBotStudio, the next entry after this one.


UBotStudio's unique software helps you to build your own bots !

Build your own BitCoin trading bot or any other type of bot, to use or to sell with UBotStudio ! You yourself can become an internet marketing guru by utilizing the power of UBotStudio and the first secret of successful internet marketing; Automation !

UBot is the internet marketer’s Swiss army knife. While other software attacks SEO, keyword research, and indexing with a chainsaw, UBot grows your business your way using marketing automation that YOU control ! With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and intelligent commands, it simplifies complicated and time-consuming tasks like account creation, article spinning, posting and messaging, on any websites you choose. Just watch a few of the tutorials on the site and you can see how simple it is to stand out from the crowd with your own customized bots.

UBot 4 is a breakthrough in automatic marketing technology. With it's Image Recognition, this generation of marketers will be the first to control Flash games and applications inside their bots. Let me say that another way. You can now make a bot for Farmville ! And the new Artificial Intelligence feature and ultra-fast multi-threaded browsing will let you create accounts on almost any site at the touch of a button, and interact with web elements at lightning speeds. After you use the simple drag-and-drop interface to build scripts, you can switch to the new code view to copy, paste, and manipulate whole sets of commands as quickly as you would re-write a sentence. Then, you can use the compile feature to turn these ideas into your own full-featured, stand-alone bots. You can sell them, give them away, or run them on as many different machines as you want to !

UBot Studio


Not a Bitcoin site at all, but related in that Bitcoins have been referred to as cyber-gold. The impetus and direction that Karatbars projects is precisely that of those who promote Bitcoins. The concerns appear to be the same, that if there is to be a financial crisis in the near to mid term future, then how will you feed yourself and your family if the fiat currencies have lost almost all of their value?

There are only a few answers to that question, and all of them have to do with being aware of the problems in the global financial systems occurring right now, and what can you do to be prepared for the worst. You have to prepare for the worst, because if the worst case scenario happens, then you might not survive and neither would your family. If you like horror movies or disaster flicks then the Bitcoin related videos sprinkled throughout this page (click on any of the coin symbols separating the sections to access very frightening current events) will more than sate your appetite and answer some of your questions regarding this.

Right now, gold is relatively cheap. It costs about $1200.00 USD to mine, refine, process and store an ounce of it. Historically gold has sold for 2.1 times it's production costs, or about $2500.00 USD using the aforementioned example. So if you can get it for less than that, then you're getting a bargain !

Personally I would recommend that you get Bitcoins instead of gold, but some people like to be able to touch their savings. This particular company, Karatbars, has established an actual point of purchase exchange of it's gold embedded plastic cards with various businesses, retail and service oriented, in almost every country in the world. Granted, this is still very new in the modern age, to accept gold directly for goods and services, but it will probably catch on as Bitcoins have. You can check out this particular program here; Karatbars International Exchange.

So, if gold is your preference, then get it from Karatbars and get an excellent deal. There are many other surprises waiting for you on the site. No purchase is necessary to sign-up and get some of the sites benefits.

Here's a link to a video overview;Karatbars Overview

This is a link for an overview of the affiliate program; Karatbars Affiliate Program Overview

KaratBars Main Site

To get silver, or quantities of gold at or greater than 1 ounce, then these are the guys that have the most experience with that.

Invest directly in physical gold and silver (bullion bars and coins).

Own It In Your Own Name Hold your stock in your own name (unique serial numbers) via storage certificate published in your name.

Complete Ownership You own all your stock. No fractional ownership.

Easy Withdrawal Remove your gold and silver stock whenever you want. VAT Free zone.

Insurance included Insured by a top international insurance company.