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SECTION 3;Get Paid Bitcoins to View Ads or Sell Services!

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Get Paid Bitcoin To View Ads or Sell Services!
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This site is sort of like Fiver but you get paid in Bitcoins and there is no top limit as to how much you can charge for your services. You can also obtain all sorts of casual employees here to do almost anything. You would pay them in Bitcoins or Satoshis.



At BitToClick you earn in US Dollars, and are paid in Bitcoin only, when your account balance reaches $1.50, minimum. It pays more than most of the other Bitcoin PTC sites, on per click or per view. If you are familiar with Paid to Click sites, then this will be very familiar. It reminds me a little of ClixSense a long time ago. Unlike ClixSense, you can rent referrals here for $1.50 for 5 currently. If you are advertising, then you can pay via PayPal, Bitcoin or site earnings! Unless they screw it up somehow, this PTC has the possibility to become the King of Bitcoin related Paid to Click sites !


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Bitcoin Reward

Bitcoin Reward is a new site that allows you to earn BitCoins by doing odd jobs. Well not really, but you can earn by completing offers and watching videos. The payout point is only 10,000 satoshi, pretty low for a site such as this, especially when you consider that many of the offers pay 4500 to 5500 satoshis each.

They even give you 1000 satoshis just for signing up ! To sign up, just enter your favorite BitCoin wallet address, and you're done. You also have an immediate option to share your referral link on FaceBook and earn 250 satoshi once a day !

There is a terrific opportunity here to build a tremendous down-line of referrals, because this is a fairly new site. Your referrals will earn for you 50% equivalent of their earnings !

So don't waste time, get a FREE StrongCoin wallet address if you need one and join right away !

Bitcoin Reward


BITCOINGET is a "Get Paid To" type of site. You are paid to do simple tasks, watch videos and complete offers. There are many sites just like this all over the internet, the main difference here is that BITCOINGET pays you in Bitcoins.

Their referral program isn't too shabby either, paying you 5% equivalent of your referrals earnings on offers and tasks and 10% on watching videos.

Join now, earn all you can and refer all of your friends too !