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Bitcoin in REALTIME

All current Bitcoin transactions in REALTIME.

CLICK ON the Bitcoin images used as section partitions to access explanatory Bitcoin related videos ! All of the other graphics, above and below of here except for QR codes, social media logos and banners associated with entries, are links to hit music videos or comedies. Most are indicated by title or Artist beneath the graphic or image, but due to space limitations and aesthetic consideration, many are not. Most of these are ad supported because the owners of those properties need that infinitesimal bit of fiat money, as do we all.

^ Money As Debt - The History of Banking ^


Learn to Buy, Sell and Store BITCOINS

Soon you will be getting some bits of BitCoins and you will need a place to store them safely and securely. How about an online wallet (similar to PayPal or Payza), but with much, much lower fees ! Some of the advantages of an online wallet as opposed to a downloaded wallet or those "paper wallets" is that; as in the case of the downloaded wallet, you don't have to keep part of the block chain (a little more than 8 gigabytes) on your computer just so that you can store your BitCoins. If you use a desktop wallet software you have to leave your wallet software running to let it sync with the network after which you will be able to see the full balance in your wallet.If your computer is ever damaged, stolen or otherwise inaccessible to you, then you can kiss those stored BitCoins goodbye, because it will be almost impossible to retrieve them. There are however, new external hardware wallets that whose contents CAN be recovered in the event of loss or theft of the unit itself. As in the case of some of those "paper wallets", well, you might as well stick to using paper money since it's essentially the same end result, with far less hassle.  Furthermore, paper wallets are very fragile, and if the BitCoin address is damaged or obscured, then you're out of luck in ever getting your BitCoins. There are other types pf paper wallets that are used exclusively for security purposes, though.

You can use the following wallets (or one that you already have) with every BitCoin related entry on this page, and every other place, online and offline, in which BitCoins are used !

You can use the FREEQRCODES generator located in the FREE Marketing Resources and Tools BONUS SECTION to create an easy gateway for your online BitCoin wallets. That is, unless the wallets you use already supply you with a QR code.

This is used to create QR codes that are used for smartphones to make purchases or to GET BITCOINS sent to your wallets. You have to have a wallet address prior to using  this tool.

YOU MUST HAVE A BITCOIN WALLET IN ORDER TO GET BITCOINS and to hold, spend, invest or convert them.


Cryptonator Multi coin wallet

More currencies than most other online wallets and a decent affiliate program. There are deposit minimums here though. Nothing too difficult, just a bit annoying.


A real online BitCoin bank and loan center. Block Fi pays interest on your deposits too!

Block Fi


A real online bank for cryptocurrencies! Get interest from deposits! Get loans! Get almost anything your Fiat bank does, except most notably, rip you off.


Xapo NO TRANSACTION FEE BITCOIN Wallet and Loan Center !

Xapo is the newest wallet sensation online today. They incorporate some of the same technologies that makes Strongcoin (see next entry) so very safe. Although they call themselves a bank, I don't believe that they are actually certified in the National Banking system, even though they do issue loans in BitCoins. This is more along the lines of piggy bank than National Bank. That said, they seem to have a very secure system for storing BitCoins and in the future, who knows what kind of coins.

Xapo is not like other BitCoin wallets, you don't get a standard BitCoin address, you use the email address that you used to register with, like PayPal or Payza uses. This reduces the functionality of this wallet as it's not universally accepted throughout the BitCoin universe. On the other hand, there are a great number of BitCoin faucets that offer a premium to you if you use Xapo instead of a regular BitCoin wallet. You can just transfer your BitCoins from Xapo to your regular wallet for universal use.

Unlike other wallets, at this time Xapo doesn't charge transaction fees, this will change in the future, but for now let's all ride the gravy train ! They will expect you to verify your account through email and cell phone text message.  50 bits (0.00005000BTC or 5000 satoshis also once known as micro-bitcoins) is the award for obtaining a referral to sign up for a free account.

So sign up for your free account right now, get some free bits of BitCoin and save on those nasty fees ! Use the link below to register now, and get all of your friends to follow you !


The Strongest Online Wallet !

Since 2011 StrongCoin has been an extremely secure online wallet using a hybrid technology that is very difficult to hack. The difference here is security. StrongCoin is almost impossible to hack into. No deposit is required to get a StrongCoin wallet. There is no fee for deposits, nor is any identification or email required, and only a 1% fee on a spend or withdrawal.

This has a great affiliate program in which you earn 50% of the transaction fees for all users that sign up via your link, for 1 full year ! If you're in the UK, you can buy BitCoins through their broker service, but anyone anywhere can utilize their escrow services. There doesn't appear to be any fees associated with this escrow service, you may just have to be a member or customer. There's also a FREE address book for you to store your most frequently used BitCoin addresses.

If you look for over-delivery from websites, then StrongCoin should be the poster child of over-delivery. Their customer service is fast, helpful and accurate. There are other features that are really too numerous and technically complicated to delve into here, so you should visit the site and see for yourself.

So, if security is very important to you, then StrongCoin is the wallet for you. This is not to say that any of these other wallets are insecure, it's just that StrongCoin is the most secure.



The Choice of Merchants Throughout the World !

CoinBase is one of the most famous BitCoin wallets and merchant portals in the world. Here you can buy and sell BitCoins, transfer cash to or from your Bank account for BitCoin purchases or sales, and businesses can accept BitCoins through CoinBase's merchant processing system. CoinBase is FREE to sign up to and make deposits.

CoinBase has a new referral program in which anyone that you refer, gets you and your referral $5.00 in BitCoin placed in yours and their accounts once they spend $100.00 through CoinBase ! This also means that you will receive $5.00 in BitCoin once you spend $100.00 !


Keep Key is a hardware based wallet that seems like it transforms into a bank in your pocket. Cutting edge technology and innovative systems design couple into this remarkable device. Check it out yourself, but be prepared to be astounded by what you see.


Change BitCoin into other cryptocurrencies!


Buy Bitcoins online in as little as 3 hours!


Buy or sell Bitcoins person to person through LOCAL BITCOINS

Use Smart Mixer to mix your coins and cover your spends. Imperative for Dark web users.

^ Money as Debt 2 ^


FREE BITCOIN Faucets - Daily, Hourly and Sooner !

These site links are to sites that will issue a very small amount of Bitcoins to you if you either join the site or just enter your Bitcoin wallet address and solve a captcha test (CAPTCHA test—Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart).

This first brace of sites usually require registration with a valid email address, not to spam you, but for security purposes. Also, they pay you directly to your own wallet. is the most reliable, faithful and inventive faucet online ! is the best way to GET BITCOINS online today ! The site has some of the most responsive and dedicated professionals employed there. This is the best FREE Bitcoin generating site on the internet, by far ! You will usually get 5 to 15 shatoshis for every draw, hourly as a "booby prize". A satoshi is the smallest unit of a Bitcoin, named after the mysterious person or persons who created the first Bitcoin block chain. I've won the second tier prize at least once  a week, that's a little over 2000 satoshi each time, and the third tier prize once, that's a little over 20000 satoshi. The big prize is worth about $200.00 USD, and even if you win it, you can come back each hour and try to win it again ! If you interact with the site, buying lottery tickets or betting on the multiplier for instance, then this minimum prize increases ! After you register, look for the blue bar at about the end of the landing page that states; "ROLL", and click on it to begin.

Your satoshis are accumulated on the site and you have multiple options as to when and where to get payment. The manual withdraw has a minimum of 0.00030000BTC, or 30,000 satoshis. The manual withdraw allows you send your balance at any time of your choosing, but it takes up to 48 hours to get to where you've selected it to go to. A withdrawal fee of 0.00000400BTC will be deducted from the balance to pay the transaction fee. If you make additional withdrawal requests while you have a withdrawal request pending, the amounts will be clubbed together and you will only pay the transaction fee once. The benefits of using the Manual Withdraw are that first, you can get your payment sent early and second, you can decide how much of your balance to withdraw.

If you use the Auto Withdraw option, then your entire Bitcoin balance will be sent on Sunday, around midnight Eastern Standard Time. The minimum balance for Auto Withdraw is 0.00030000BTC, or 30000 satoshis. The benefit in using the Auto Withdraw is that you incur no fees.

In order to shift your balance withdrawal from the preregistered Bitcoin address, to another address for another wallet or site account, simply go to your profile before making the withdrawal request and use the "EDIT DETAILS" widget to replace the original address with the new destination address. You will receive a confirmation email that you must click on to activate this change. Remember to change it back to the original after the transfer is completed. After that transfer is completed, if you close your browser before you change it back, then you'll need to use the new destination address during log in, or your email address.

They also have an optional Bitcoin multiplier, where you can play a very simple game to win multiples of the bits of Bitcoin that you just received for FREE. It's easy and can be either fun or frustrating, but also profitable too !

The newest addition of great features on an already terrific site is the FREE weekly lottery. Each time that you draw a free Bitcoin roll, you also receive at least 2 free lottery tickets towards tremendous ever increasing Bitcoin prizes. Every time that your referrals draw from the faucet, you get 1 or more free tickets. You can buy additional tickets for ever decreasing bits of Bitcoin. There are new contests and prizes occurring almost every week too.

One of the newer rewards here is the annual interest paid on existing balances. The minimum amount that you must have before they pay interest is 30,000 satoshis. The interest paid right now is 4.08% compounded daily.

To get a wallet address from this site, scroll up to the top of the member's landing page and click on the green button labeled "deposit". A drop down page will appear and on that you can generate a new address. That address will be available there each time you log on to the site. Keep that same address when using faucets, else they might ban you.

An Audible alert lets you know that it's time to earn some more again on ! This is rapidly becoming the most popular Bitcoin faucet in the world. So if you haven't joined up yet, do so now, then you can use the FREE promotional resources later on this page to help you get traffic and attract referrals. So join up now, before all of your friends do so that you can recruit them too !

COIN OPEN is a lot like the site above, except that it doesn't pay interest and it's minimum claim is over 500 satoshis. It's new, so join now before your friends do. You can then recruit them.

The next site is very similar to the famous one above. It's not the same people and it's booby prize is only 2 satoshi's. I guess that it's true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Their name is even very similar. There are promo codes that you can get through their "Free Rolls" tab that allows extra spins of the faucet device. The pay-out amount is only 20,000 satoshis too.

30 minute faucet!

A new crypto currency game and earning site now available for online, Android and iPhone from Discord !

A Multi Coin Faucet that allows you to claim Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin or Ethereum!

BTC HEAT is really a type of fountain/game. Just drop your Bitcoin wallet address into the indicated field and get your FREE spins on their "Slot Machine". You cannot pay for this, it's FREE. So don't hesitate, give it a whirl.

Grow your cryptocurrencies at the amazing 8 to 24 hour! Get Bitcoins and various FREE cryptocoins! Get FREE monthly airdrops of new coins! You can even have your own "real world" faucet at no ongoing cost to you! Check out the 'Geofaucet' tab on the site after you register.

Starcoins is the newest coin earning game on the net. It's pretty unique so check it out.

3 to 10 satoshis evry 30 seconds! Simple faucet rewards increased 3x every weekend! Many more ways and crypto - currencies to earn too. NO MINIMUM WITHDRAWAL PAYMENT THRESHOLD! Withdrawals paid to ExpressCrypto or FaucetPay microwallets!To get to the simple faucet, click on the tab at the top of the page entitled "Earn More" and select "Simple Faucet" from the drop down menu.

BitVest has a FREE faucet and gaming system! It's worth a gander.

Minimum withdraw amount is just 100 satoshis on this 5 minute faucet! Paid to your FaucetPay account!

JuicyBTC A new 10 to 20 minute faucet! Autopays to your wallet every Sunday, once the minimum withdrawal amount is reached. At more than 100 satoshis per draw, it won't take long at all. If you elect to, you will earn 18.4% annual interest when you accrue 100,000 satoshis or more. That's the same as the minimum payout amount. It wouldn't take that long to get there though, there are bonuses on every FREE claim to help you get there. There are links to other cryptocurrency faucets at the top of the page you land on too. This site has a lot of pop-up ads and adult-centrist content on them, so you should be at least 18 to view that.

BitGames has the strangest set of free games and ways to earn !

Qoinpro is the HOTTEST and EASIEST FAUCET on the Web by far !

QoinPro is a multi-coin faucet with wallet-like features giving different FREE alt coins (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Feathercoin, etc) on a daily basis to all subscribed members. This is a faucet though, not a wallet, you can't make deposits here. It appears that they will be dispersing other alt coins in the near future as well. They are currently accepting membership applications from anywhere in the world.

QoinPro might provide you with the basis of your future fortune. It delivers several different crypto currencies that can be traded off against each other on the exchanges. This doesn't guarantee success, but you may now have a chance at financial stability. You will have to study this particular market and learn the nuances between the various crypto currencies. You can do that easily by using some of the FREE information resources in the BONUS SECTION.

Registration is free and simple, and for now except during registration, you don't have to visit the site at all, unless you wish to collect your crypto coins !

LuckyFish has a reusable faucet to continuously refund your site account, so you can play for free forever.

Satoshi Hero allows you to claim up to 250,000 satoshi's 3 times every 10 minutes!

Satoshi Monster is the sister site of Satoshi Hero. The difference is that you get 3 chances at 250,000 satoshis every 20 minutes, instead of every 10 minutes as at Satoshi Hero. Another bonus is that all your winning satoshi's from both sites are combined in your one account, if you use the same email and password when you sign up.

Moon Bitcoin

This is a new concept in Bitcoin faucets, in which once you enter your wallet address the site begins to accrue satoshis. The minimum dispense time is 5 minutes and there appears to be no maximum. Moon Bitcoin will send whatever you've got collected to it's own internal Moon Bitcoin account and pay you directly to your own wallet every Sunday after you've accumulated 5500 satoshis. It increases by one satoshi every few seconds weather you have the site up on your browser or not. However, after a few minutes the rate slows. It appears that the ideal time for harvesting is about 15 minutes. In 15 minutes you will get around 100 to 150 satoshis. I have left it on and undisturbed for 24 hours, and it only accumulated 755 satoshis or 0.00000755 Bitcoin. The rate is not static, so if you test it yourself you may get more or you may get less.

So with Moon Bitcoin you get perpetual earnings ! Even if you clear your cookies, close your browser and turn off your computer, it continues to accrue satoshis for you !  Join this now, and then sign up all of your friends before they ask you to sign up under them, and you will get 25% commission equivalent of all their faucet claims !

Eobot Faucet
Multi-coin Daily Faucet

Eobot is best known as a digital currency cloud mining operation (see the review in Section Four), and you'll have to register on Eobot in order to access this faucet. It pays in whichever digital currency you select on your account page. Conversely, it will pay in whatever you're mining at the time of your draw, but you apparently don't have to mine anything to use the faucet. The faucet can be accessed by hovering your cursor over the "Products" button on the bar on top of your accounts page. You'll need several different digital currency wallets to collect here, so right after you join Eobot, scroll up page to Section one, and register at Cryptonator. You will get most of the different wallets that you need there. Always remember to sign out of Eobot's site so that you can sign in the next day, you get the freebies for signing in daily.

There are a lot of other goodies that you get with Eobot too, like a FREE Dogecoin just to log in, so use the link below to register now !


Bit Fun sends your satoshi's immediately to CoinPot!


Money Faucet is a type of automatic mining system without the miner. Your money and crypto accrues on the site then you go and clam it, every 5 minutes or so. There's a free level that you can really withdraw from but you'll want to upgrade as soon as you can, just to make more profit. Withdrawals to your wallets are low and shouldn't take you more than a day or so from reaching them. They are different for each type of crypto and cash.

An excellent multi-coin faucet and earning site. They have a robust chat room relative to site news and offers. Lots to do and earn here too!

The Following Sites are Associated With; FaucetPay, ePay, ExpressCrypto, CoinPot and/or Xapo to Help You Collect Your FREE Bits of Bitcoin Faster !

ExpressCrypto and the others will hold your earnings from various affiliated Bitcoin Faucets until there is enough to transfer across the Block chain. The Block chain is a completed puzzle that exists only in cyberspace. This is where the Bitcoins are actually kept, although there is no actual location of the Block chain.There is a minimum amount of Bitcoin that can be transferred across the Block chain, that is 0.00005430 BTC. You get an automatically created ExpressCrypto or whatever account for FREE when you use any affiliated faucet the first time. That account will always be there for you so that when you use an affiliated faucet, you will collect bits of Bitcoins into that account. Disbursement to your regular wallet, that is the wallet address you used the first time on the faucet, and all subsequent times, occurs shortly after the balance in your account exceeds their minimum amount of Bitcoin satoshis. Some of these services require a larger minimum prior to payout, and small fees as well.

Bonus Bitcoin sends your satoshi's immediately to CoinPot!

You only need to enter your Bitcoin address.

The following 8 faucets send each claim immediately to!

Use the link above to access the free and very easy Rock, Paper, Scissors Bitcoin earning faucet/game!

The following 7 faucets retain your satoshis until it reaches 1000. They then can send them to your wallet. If your wallet requires a larger amount, then just keep plugging away until you reach it, OR USE who does not have a deposit minimum and pays daily compounded interest too!


⭐⭐⭐⭐BTCPOP Alt coin Faucet⭐⭐⭐⭐

You have to register on their main site in order to claim on this 30 minute alt coin faucet. Your balance accrues on that site. You can then trade those alt coins for Bitcoins or any other type of coin that they list. Click on the link below to register and the link above to use the faucet.

THE CRYPTO FAUCET is a daily multi alt coin faucet with both instant and delayed withdrawal available.

So if you like Dogecoin, then DOGELIVE is one of the best sources available online today. A secure Doge Coin wallet and a FREE cloud based Doge Coin mining system is what you get just for signing up! Of course cheap upgrades are available but not necessary to earn.  Registration with your email is not required.

So sign up now, it only takes a few minutes. Please use the link below.

^ Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin: VICE Podcast 027(1:01:05) ^


Get Paid Bitcoin To View Ads or Sell Services!
All FREE to Join or Sign up and Profit !

This site is sort of like Fiver but you get paid in Bitcoins and there is no top limit as to how much you can charge for your services. You can also obtain all sorts of casual employees here to do almost anything. You would pay them in Bitcoins or Satoshis.


At BitToClick you earn in US Dollars, and are paid in Bitcoin only, when your account balance reaches $1.50, minimum. It pays more than most of the other Bitcoin PTC sites, on per click or per view. If you are familiar with Paid to Click sites, then this will be very familiar. It reminds me a little of ClixSense a long time ago. Unlike ClixSense, you can rent referrals here for $1.50 for 5 currently. If you are advertising, then you can pay via PayPal, Bitcoin or site earnings! Unless they screw it up somehow, this PTC has the possibility to become the King of Bitcoin related Paid to Click sites !

Bitcoin Reward

Bitcoin Reward is a new site that allows you to earn BitCoins by doing odd jobs. Well not really, but you can earn by completing offers and watching videos. The payout point is only 10,000 satoshi, pretty low for a site such as this, especially when you consider that many of the offers pay 4500 to 5500 satoshis each.

They even give you 1000 satoshis just for signing up ! To sign up, just enter your favorite BitCoin wallet address, and you're done. You also have an immediate option to share your referral link on FaceBook and earn 250 satoshi once a day !

There is a terrific opportunity here to build a tremendous down-line of referrals, because this is a fairly new site. Your referrals will earn for you 50% equivalent of their earnings !

So don't waste time, get a FREE StrongCoin wallet address if you need one and join right away !


BITCOINGET is a "Get Paid To" type of site. You are paid to do simple tasks, watch videos and complete offers. There are many sites just like this all over the internet, the main difference here is that BITCOINGET pays you in Bitcoins.

Their referral program isn't too shabby either, paying you 5% equivalent of your referrals earnings on offers and tasks and 10% on watching videos.

Join now, earn all you can and refer all of your friends too !

^ Money and Debt; Crash Course World History 202 ^


Mining Bitcoins and Other Coins in the Cloud or in your Basement ! Investing Bitcoins safely !

Crypto Tab Browser. Mine crypto currencies while you use your browser to do other things online!

Eobot Crypto Coin Mining Company

Eobot has two options for you, one is to download their software and start mining bitcoins and other alt-coins on your home computer, at no up-front cost to you ! Later costs would be the extra electricity your computer will use in doing this. This is more than just a pool of various home miners grouped together to GET BITCOINS, check out the site for all the details about this project !

The other is to "partner" with them in obtaining cloud based alt-coin mining gear. Currently, they are offering very low rates on five year mining contracts. You buy what's called "hashing" power, usually by the gigahash. This equates to an amount of energy that is used to compute the "puzzle" that eventually becomes the block chain. Prices vary according to the quantity of units that you purchase, with larger purchases getting the best discounted price. You can buy your mining contracts with crypto currencies or with PayPal ! As in all cloud mining operations, you do not own any of the machines, and you do not incur any of the inherent risks and costs of doing so. Other companies and groups of miners that I have researched on this subject, are far more expensive then these guys.
To immediately get into Bitcoin mining in the cloud, they have access for you to buy into running systems, as well.

As an unadvertised bonus, and possibly only for a short time, Eobot gives you 1 Dogecoin just to log in and check your account, with a maximum of 1 Doge a day. I'm not certain if this applies to unfunded accounts or not, there's no mention of it anywhere that I could find.

These guys will mine all sorts of crypto currencies, so if you're looking for that, then this is for you. At times, they have the lowest prices of cloud mining deals online. You have to compare this and the other cloud miners listed on my page, to get the actual up to the minute prices of the day. There's an affiliate program to which you can sign up to as soon as you join this site, for FREE. No deposit or obligation required to sign up, To do so, you must click through on the link provided below.

Mine Bitcoins

This is an electronic book (e-book) to teach you how to be proficient in mining bitcoins, other crypto currency and how you can start to do so by using a standard computer.


Invest in and with Bitcoins

BTC POP is a peer to peer lending platform with a lot of cool extras. Essentially, you loan your bits of Bitcoin to people all over the world who have special projects that they need to fulfill. They pay you back with a greater than average interest then you could get almost anywhere else. Loans are qualified by on site reputation, not a credit score. You can also earn passively by investing in their instant loan pool fund. There are a lot of ways for you to invest and you don't need a lot of Bitcoin satoshi's to start with. If on the other hand, you want to borrow Bitcoins, then check this place out.

New multi coin staking system They promise 12% apr on Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin!


Coin trading post and Arbitrage investment center

BitBays was forced to close operations by their host country, the Peoples Republic of China. If you had a deposit with them, click through and get their email address.

CRYPTOTRADER; A Unique Trading Platform

CryptoTrader is the first algorithmic trading platform for BitCoins and other cryptocurrencies. They allow traders to back-test and automate their strategies via a flexible built-in scripting language based on Coffeescript. Trading strategies can be fully automated by using trading robots running on their scalable VPS cloud. The CryptoTrader API allows to implement and test fully featured algorithmic trading strategies, as well as automate trading. NO DEPOSIT or expenditure is required to join and examine the services of CryptoTrader or to promote the site !

In order to start automated trading;

1. Upgrade your account to one of the subscription plans

2. Pick a trading strategy. You can either use an algorithm created by other traders or develop one by yourself, if you have programming skills. Some well-tried strategies can be found at the home page under the 'Featured' tab. If you don't have programming skills, and still want to make your own Bot, then see the next entry for UBotStudio.

3. Back-test the trading strategy you are going to use. In order to understand how the strategy performs on historical market data, open the back-testing tool and paste the code into the editor. Configure back-test settings if needed using the form at the top. Then click the 'Back-test' button. Once the simulation is finished, you will get a log containing all trades done by the algorithm. Back-testing is an important procedure to test validity of any trading strategy.

4. Click the 'Trade' button, you will see the form that allows you to configure the trading bot. Put your API key and secret into it and then click 'Start'. After connecting to the exchange, your trading bot configuration should appear at where the bot will log all its trading activity.

This site has an excellent forum and even allows you to rent a trading bot, inexpensively. DO NOT ASSUME THAT A BOT WILL GUARANTEE PROFITABILITY, you can still lose coins if you are not careful. Make sure that you read the forum prior to renting any bot, just to see how the thing works for others. If there isn't anything available that you like, then you should consider utilizing the superb system at UBotStudio, the next entry after this one.

UBotStudio's unique software helps you to build your own bots !

Build your own BitCoin trading bot or any other type of bot, to use or to sell with UBotStudio ! You yourself can become an internet marketing guru by utilizing the power of UBotStudio and the first secret of successful internet marketing; Automation !

UBot is the internet marketer’s Swiss army knife. While other software attacks SEO, keyword research, and indexing with a chainsaw, UBot grows your business your way using marketing automation that YOU control ! With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and intelligent commands, it simplifies complicated and time-consuming tasks like account creation, article spinning, posting and messaging, on any websites you choose. Just watch a few of the tutorials on the site and you can see how simple it is to stand out from the crowd with your own customized bots.

UBot 4 is a breakthrough in automatic marketing technology. With it's Image Recognition, this generation of marketers will be the first to control Flash games and applications inside their bots. Let me say that another way. You can now make a bot for Farmville ! And the new Artificial Intelligence feature and ultra-fast multi-threaded browsing will let you create accounts on almost any site at the touch of a button, and interact with web elements at lightning speeds. After you use the simple drag-and-drop interface to build scripts, you can switch to the new code view to copy, paste, and manipulate whole sets of commands as quickly as you would re-write a sentence. Then, you can use the compile feature to turn these ideas into your own full-featured, stand-alone bots. You can sell them, give them away, or run them on as many different machines as you want to !


Not a Bitcoin site at all, but related in that Bitcoins have been referred to as cyber-gold. The impetus and direction that Karatbars projects is precisely that of those who promote Bitcoins. The concerns appear to be the same, that if there is to be a financial crisis in the near to mid term future, then how will you feed yourself and your family if the fiat currencies have lost almost all of their value?

There are only a few answers to that question, and all of them have to do with being aware of the problems in the global financial systems occurring right now, and what can you do to be prepared for the worst. You have to prepare for the worst, because if the worst case scenario happens, then you might not survive and neither would your family. If you like horror movies or disaster flicks then the Bitcoin related videos sprinkled throughout this page (click on any of the coin symbols separating the sections to access very frightening current events) will more than sate your appetite and answer some of your questions regarding this.

Right now, gold is relatively cheap. It costs about $1200.00 USD to mine, refine, process and store an ounce of it. Historically gold has sold for 2.1 times it's production costs, or about $2500.00 USD using the aforementioned example. So if you can get it for less than that, then you're getting a bargain !

Personally I would recommend that you get Bitcoins instead of gold, but some people like to be able to touch their savings. This particular company, Karatbars, has established an actual point of purchase exchange of it's gold embedded plastic cards with various businesses, retail and service oriented, in almost every country in the world. Granted, this is still very new in the modern age, to accept gold directly for goods and services, but it will probably catch on as Bitcoins have. You can check out this particular program here; Karatbars International Exchange.

So, if gold is your preference, then get it from Karatbars and get an excellent deal. There are many other surprises waiting for you on the site. No purchase is necessary to sign-up and get some of the sites benefits.

Here's a link to a video overview;Karatbars Overview

This is a link for an overview of the affiliate program; Karatbars Affiliate Program Overview

To get silver, or quantities of gold at or greater than 1 ounce, then these are the guys that have the most experience with that.

Invest directly in physical gold and silver (bullion bars and coins).

Own It In Your Own Name Hold your stock in your own name (unique serial numbers) via storage certificate published in your name.

Complete Ownership You own all your stock. No fractional ownership.

Easy Withdrawal Remove your gold and silver stock whenever you want. VAT Free zone.

Insurance included Insured by a top international insurance company.

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Hosted unlimited Free web page url rotators. Unlimited urls per rotator and unlimited number of rotators. All Free, with all sorts of bells and whistles in the upgrade packages.

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Your Free World Script Store

If you're like many online who are battling to make a decent income in one way or another, but it's just not working for you, then this may be the most important article you read this year. By now you're probably well aware that most income-producing activities online require training, experience, and a dedicated work ethic.

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You'd be surprised to discover that many of the highly popular sites you come across are powered by the same programmer! Rohit Seth.

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Xara Software company is a terrific source of great graphic making software. They believe in their products so much, that most have a FREE trial, and at least one, the 3D Heading maker has unlimited FREE usage on a limited version of that tool ! Most of the 3D graphics in banners and most of the rest of the 3D graphics on this page were made with that tool.

You have to visit the site to get the full scope on what is possible for you, using their tools.

Here is link to their wonderful FREE to use 3D Heading maker; Xara 3D Heading Making Tool


Now if you have a website, perhaps it's time to build a subscriber list. There are many reasons to enumerate as to why you should have one, too many for me to get into here. Just type "why do i need a list?" into your favorite search engine and click search. There will be millions of links with all sorts of answers and offers galore.

So you will eventually need to build a list, that's a given fact. Why not get an autoresponder (the web site that hosts your list and specialized marketing software) for FREE? This is where ViralinBox comes in. It has a totally FREE option and they don't email your list with their offers, they just email you.

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A FREE trial makes this new clean list very worthwhile.


Although ListWire (Not listed here due to ineffectiveness) may be totally FREE with no cost or up-sell ever, they sorely lack in customer service responsiveness for that very old software. SimplyCast more than makes up for that, as they are always right there willing to talk to you. You won't get lonely or feel lost if you use SimplyCast. They also have a totally FREE forever plan as well.

SimplyCast all in one Marketing Automation Solution. Fax, SMS, voice and email automation has to be examined to determine if this is the solution for you.

Pingler SEO Assistance Center

Pingler has a terrific set of tools to assist you in raising your search engine rankings. Predominate is their FREE pinging tool, it is displayed left of center on the page that this link takes you to. No registration is necessary for you to use this free web based tool.

So if you have your own web property, then this tool and service are absolute must have weapons in your SEO arsenal. Watch the video below, then check it out through the link underneath the video.


Get one of, two or all three types of FREEQRCODES. Get the one for the most common QR code usage, the one for your URL. This is used to simply launch a smartphones web browser and take the user to a specific webpage. You might use this type of QR code to create a Bitcoin access to your StrongCoin wallet, for instance, so that you can pay for dinner at that fancy new restaurant that now accepts Bitcoins.

Get the FREEQRCODES for a Virtual Business Card ! Use this QR code to load all of your contact information into a users smartphone when they scan the code. Your Virtual Business Card does NOT have to be just for business either, it can be for personal use too ! Showing your friends, family, etcetera a QR code which you can store right on your phone is much easier than having them type out all your contact information every time you want to exchange numbers !

Get the FREEQRCODES for your phone number. This is a special QR code that, when scanned, will automatically launch a smartphone's "Phone" feature and pre-load your phone number so that all the user needs to do is tap "Call" on their phone to immediately dial your number !

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Once you sign up for FREE at UVIOo then you can share YouTube videos on FaceBook and other videos on YouTube and get paid for it ! Sounds great, we all could use some extra cash now and then. But why is this in the FREE Marketing Resources section?

You can optionally get a feature of UVIOo's called Checkpoints. These Checkpoints are a type of bonus that you buy into, after reaching a certain quantity of views (people watching videos you have shared). For example, you pay $5 and you automatically receive a paycheck of $10, for an instant profit of $5 ! Plus, When you acquire Checkpoints, in addition to receiving cash, you also receive FREE ad credits. So that, when you pay $5, you receive $10 in cash, plus 500 FREE ad credits to advertise your ad 500 times on UVIOo !

I stretched that out pretty thin, didn't I? But this is such a terrific program that I felt that I had to share it with you, for your own benefit. I'm going to stick all of those bitcoin related videos from all over the web into UVIOo and make a little change when someone watches them. I think that UVIOo is a terrific  opportunity to make some money and you can convert that into bitcoins if you want to by using BitPlastic for instance (see the entry above in section one). Most of the videos here are either funny, glamorous or sport/action related. It's an enjoyable, fun experience and profitable too.

I wouldn't try to download the toolbar though, it's a Conduit toolbar. This is easy for the site owners to get a quickly made, seemingly high quality toolbar that they don't have to pay for. It's very bad for everybody else though, except Conduit. Their toolbars come with a whole host of adware packages, forced downloads of whatever my SpyBot Search and Destroy and AVG FREE Anti-Virus tried to block. I foolishly believed that to be a false-positive and over rode the blockages, to my later dismay. It screwed up my computer pretty badly and required full scans with first AdwCleaner then MalwareBytes and then HitMan Pro just to get rid of all of the nasty Trojans and other viruses that accompanied this horror. If you want a particular YouTube or DailyMotion video inserted, UVIOo will do it for you upon request, it would just take longer than the toolbar would.

FREE Search Engine Submission with EntireWeb

A FREE search engine submitter, which you need to get your web property seen by first, the search engines and then by people.

This submitter offers a FREE service that's outstanding, as far as it goes. Then EntireWeb offers a paid option that's amazing. For details click the link below.

They even have an affiliate program that will astound you !

FREE Social Submission Engine

What you get for Free here, you would easily pay dozens of dollars a month for elsewhere, and be glad for it too. The high value of this site and all of it's Free resources is awesome. You have got to check this out and be amazed yourself. Of course if your needs exceed the usefulness of the Free tools, then there is a very reasonable monthly fee for absolutely incredible additional resources.

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SocialAdr is a resource that completely automates the often hated task of Social Bookmarking. They have thousands of users that are all waiting to bookmark YOUR pages on their own social bookmarking accounts !  All you have to do is put in the pages that you want bookmarked and the rest is taken care of automatically. Plus, you can let your pages run through again and again, with more and more different users linking to them. There's no work for you at all, how great is that? There is no way any system could make this easier for you.

When I look for services for my business, I want it "done for me".  I don't want to have to mess around or learn some complicated thing.  I want it to just work, and that's what SocialAdr does.  It just works. Best of all, there is a FREE solution that isn't a trial or anything like that, but there is a time and labor intensive setup if you can't put any money into it. It shouldn't take you more than an hour to setup manually. In the FREE version, you will also have to "socially add" 5 links a day of others sites to your social bookmarking sites. Of course, you decide which sites to use or not. SocialAdr provides a system in which the daily obligation only takes one minute or less including log in and log out ! SocialAdr will provide another system for you to join select social bookmarking sites, and add any that you already belong to through their portal. Then they can automatically facilitate your ad or blurb or tweet size statement onto the social bookmarking sites of others in their membership base, for FREE !


AddMeFast is a lot like SocialAdr in that they both increase your exposure to social media properties. Where SocialAdr concentrates on Social Bookmarking sites, AddMeFast focuses on actual web 2.0 sites, FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram,, Vkontakte, MySpace, Pinterest, Reverbnation, SoundCloud, StumbleUpon, Vine and YouTube. Not just one aspect of each site either, but many. More are added every month or so. There's also a type of traffic exchange built into this wonderful system.

By joining both of these services, for FREE, and being active on both sites, you will get deep penetration into the social media scene, by spending only twenty minutes a day or so at the two sites combined. There are, of course, paid upgrades on both of these programs so that if you can afford it, your social media impact will not take much, if any, time from you, instead just some cash.

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With Instant Banner Creator It's so easy to create FREE professional looking, eye catching graphics. You point, you click, and you're done! This is not a downloadable product, it's a web based system. These banners can be made to be quite beautiful. Perhaps you'll see the GET BITCOINS banners on other sites, maybe even the one that you've come to here from.

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If you put your message or story in an ebook, then you can be sharing it with everyone in no time! An ebook is an electronic version of a book, that can be quite short and compact, like Short Stories or Poetry, or as long as you want, like a full-fledged novel. Digital books, or ebooks, are now mainstream and very popular. Online, Amazon sells 6 ebooks for every 10 print books!

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Oh, and you can get ebooks for FREE here too ! This is a special link for a 15 day trial VIP Membership which allows you unrestricted access to all their ebooks: Free-eBooks 15 Day VIP Trial

Check out all the details here :


Traffic is the life-blood of every online business. Without traffic your business never gets exposure which means NO MONEY in your pocket. Admagy has created a system where you can spend about 10 - 15 minutes surfing and in return get your offers running for the whole day ! The timer is manually started, thus holding the attention of the viewer (the person who is reading your offers and the text ad related to it) for longer on your site. This is a special way to attract more people to your offers by highlighting important things about your website or affiliate links !

They also pay commissions to their members so besides getting traffic you can make money too !

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Traffic Surf

After using Traffic Surf for a few days I noticed that there aren't too many views on my sites from them. However, of the views that I did get the click through rate is high and so are conversions. This is a new site that will only grow as it's reputation does.

They give you 1000 points to sign up plus 100 points for every affiliate or referral page that you submit, with no limits on how many pages you can submit. Just don't use all of your points at once, that is create a "pool" of points for yourself that all of your most important pages can draw liberally from, and your junk pages should only have 2-3 points per day assigned to them, to keep them active, thus enlarging your pool.

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At HITLEAP you can earn or purchase visitors to your site, blog or affiliate link. They configure everything in minutes and seconds rather then hits or visits. You configure how long you want a visitor on your page, anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds. At 10 seconds you get 6 visits per minute and at 60 seconds you get 1 visitor per minute, and every permutation of time/visitor in between.

There are 3 membership levels, one of which is free. All membership levels may earn commissions from their downline's activities. These would include but are not limited to minutes from surfing and cash from purchases. Payments to and from the site are handled by PayPal, Payza and Bitcoin.

This site delivers quality traffic so sign up now and maximize your efforts.

Get Paid to Login Banner Traffic Exchange

With over 50,000 members, Paid to Login is a Paid to Click site of sorts and also a banner exchange. So in promoting your own or affiliate banners, you get paid in cash to do it, by logging in once a day. Lots of different payment processors and the option to upgrade cheaply so as to earn much more, make this a most attractive site. They even have 10 levels of referrals for you to fill if you wish to.

Payout thresholds are extremely low, but the most important aspect here is the banner exchange function. You don't have a banner for your blog or FaceBook page? Then use Instant Banner Creator whose review is located elsewhere in this section to easily make your own banners, for Free.

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NOT Bitcoin Related but Extremely Important and Valuable !

A FREE to join Affiliate Program. with three ways to earn! Get an astounding TEN U.S. CENTS ($0.10) per real visitor click. That's $100.00 CPM ! CPM means Cost Per Mile, meaning they pay you $100.00 per thousand unique visitors that you send to their site. Get 5% commission per sale for LIFE! Get 1% commission of your down line's sales, FOR LIFE !  FIVE LEVELS DOWN !

Who is it that offers such a tremendous opportunity? The company is Ajiboye, a nearly all encompassing website development business, located in Greenwich, CT., USA.

For complete details regarding this amazing affiliate program, click the link below and navigate to the affiliate program section. You may remember this as a hallmark moment in your life! Click the link, and begin a new journey to prosperity !

If on the other hand, if it is web Branding, Design, Construction, Search Engine Optimization, Hosting and other website development solutions that you are interested in, then the link to Ajiboye below will direct you to that web-page for information and pricing. You can build a website for your business in one hour! Only $ 19.95 ! Domain name registration; New domains, renewals, transfers: only $ 9.95 CMS powered website publishing, website design, website hosting, website marketing, website technical support, website applications and database solutions ! When you use this link, you receive a 5% discount on your web solution purchase !

ClingWin is a totally FREE lotto. Every day you get 8 tickets and other chances to win up to 10,000 Euros. Yes, you can win in the US too. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and thousands to win!

50 FREE Daily Chances to Win $50.00

There's no need to register, in fact there's no way to register, it's completely FREE to try to win $50.00, paid via paypal.MONEYCROC shares it's site revenues derived from the sale of games with visitors, but there's no obligation to buy anything now or in the future.

There's no referral program since there's no registration, just come back everyday and keep trying to win, you get 50 attempts per day.

There's an ad prior to your accessing the site, it just takes 5 seconds and then you can click the "skip" button at the top right corner then you'll be automatically re-directed to the site. This is to ensure that I get a little change for presenting this opportunity to you. Good luck !



IBOToolbox is a terrific FREE web based resource for the seriously minded internet business professional. It's also for the new beginner at internet marketing and promotion. This is a fine tool for anybody searching for free traffic to their web property.

One of the best parts about this site is that they give you so much, and ask for almost nothing in return, except that you follow their rules when posting your comments and Press Releases. You have to check out all the services offered there, not to do so is a dis-service to yourself.

Did I mention that all the apps and some of the ad space is totally FREE? There are additional not so FREE ads, when you easily earn advertising credits to help get your ads in front of the very large membership of over 100,000 prospects.


This forum is one of the greatest FREE resources that is available to marketers online today ! The membership consists of not only thousands of opportunity seekers, but also buyers, site owners and developers, whose focus is to make money online. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand what a truly great forum this is, and how you can use this to generate visitors, leads and money for FREE !

There is also of course the social aspect of being involved in a forum such as this, if only to build up your other social media interests, for FREE !


The FreeAd Forum

Get FREE classified ads for your web properties, just put a link somewhere on your sites, as a link exchange. That is what this is.

Using, you would get paid to shrink those nasty long url's. Not paid just to shrink them, but paid to get others to click on them. These url shrinkers also do a dandy job of hiding affiliate and referral identification codes, and providing some tracking information as to where and when those who clicked those links came from.

I have used to monetize links for sites that do not pay me in some way, shape or form to send people to their landing pages. There are links on this page that have been so monetized. I feel that the information or resource behind those links is important to my audience. Thus I do provide access, through a gateway. It's unfortunate that this is necessary, but if I am to make money online, then this is imperative.

What of your efforts to make money online? Are you using every scrap of knowledge to get that extra cent or satoshi? I hope that you are, making money of course. is the best paying of the paying link shortening services. There are many other paying services of this type, but in my research, pays the most.

I also use as a link shortener, when the link to be shortened is for a site that compensates me in some way or the other. is still the best to earn with.


Terrific icon search engine resource to FIND ICONS ! Over 460,000 FREE icons that you can use.

Public Service Announcements !

A repository of almost all things Bitcoin ! Supported by the Bitcoin community, so at least go and look at it.

Crypto Commodities Daily

A collection of many different bitcoin, Alt-coin and digital currency related online publications whose top stories are assembled in this publication for your perusal. Edited by yours truly, I believe that it represents the best of the Crypto coin news sphere, but you'll have to judge for yourself. Do so by clicking the link below and examining Crypto Commodities Daily for yourself.



This site provides a link exchange service. At this time I can't say weather its worth your time to use it or not. Hopefully I will be able to make that determination soon.


The site, (dot)tk is a FREE Domain Registrar for the domain; .tk. In other words, you get a FREE domain name that works just like any other paid for domain. This is not a top-level domain, like (dot)com is, but it still gets the job done.

It's totally FREE ! You will have to have a website to point it to, almost immediately, so get a FREE website at 000Webhost (at the beginning of the BONUS SECTION) and set that up before you register here, just use a FREE sub-domain there.

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Bitcoin in REALTIME

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