If you like table games but feel that the standard blackjack or roulette slots can get a bit boring after a while, then I highly recommend trying live casino games https://gamersmenu.com/everything-about-litecoin-casinos/. In addition to playing with a real dealer, you will also have the opportunity to sit with other players at the table with whom you can chat in real time, just like in a real casino!
All you have to do to access the Sportingbet casino section is to log into your player account or open a Sportingbet account and then select "Casino Live" from the main menu. Then a window will open where you can easily select the table you want to play at.
In Sportingbet's live casino section, you will find many different variable stakes blackjack tables at very affordable prices, as well as the Sportingbet live roulette section. The software that runs the live platform is made by Evolution Gaming, one of the most important providers of online casino software solutions. It loads very quickly, both on a computer and on a phone, the picture is of excellent clarity.
What games can you try at Sportingbet live casino?
As I said, at Sportingbet you can choose between multiple tables with different minimum and maximum bet limits than blackjack and automatic roulette available 24/7. The minimum betting limits at the blackjack tables range from 25 to 125 lei, so they are quite affordable, as you will see below.
Play Live Sportingbet Blackjack
As I said, there are 8 different live blackjack tables at Sportingbet. The limits are as follows: you can choose one of 2 tables with limits from 25 to 12,500 lei, one from 50 to 12,500 lei, one from 75 to 12,500, one table with limits from 100 to 12,500 and 3 tables from 125 to 12 500 lei.
The rules of the game are classic blackjack, as in the vast majority of online casinos. Thus, Blackjack pays 3 to 2, the dealer must stop at 17 and is forced to tie if his hand value is less than 16. Insurance pays 2 to 1.
In addition to the regular Sportingbet blackjack tables, you will notice that 3 of them are called Blackjack White. The rules of the game are the same, the only difference is the color of the table and cards. If the usual dark green prevails at the classic tables, as at the poker tables, then in Blackjack White, lighter colors with a creamy white tint predominate. It's just a matter of personal preference, honestly I find white tables much prettier and brighter. If you have not tried them yet, then I advise you, perhaps you will like them very much.
In addition, Sportingbet also offers the Bet Behind feature, i.e. the ability to bet on another player's hand. You can use this function, for example, if the table you want to enter is busy, or if you have the impression that the player has good technique and you want to take advantage of his experience. In particular, you can also bet on his hand, and if he manages to beat the dealer, you will also make a profit. This is a very interesting online casino specific game mode that can bring you very good profits if you take care to play into the hands of a good player.
Play Live Roulette Sportingbet
If you prefer roulette, then I have good news for you! Those at Sportingbet also offer an automatic roulette table in their live casino section, available 24/7. This is a physical roulette like any other, with the only difference that instead of a dealer, the system has a special device that It automatically spins the roulette wheel, pulls out the ball and throws it back.
Automatic roulette is a very modern system offered by many online casinos today. The rules of Sportingbet live roulette are the same as European roulette and you can easily bet on any part of the roulette you want. You can choose one or more numbers, color, even, dozens, columns, as well as special sections into which the roulette is divided, respectively Tier, Orphelins and Voisins du Zero.
The interface is extremely modern and interactive, and you will immediately understand how it works and where you need to click to place a bet.
In addition, the system also provides you with a number of statistics that can help you choose winning bets. With their help, you can find out at any time which numbers are the “hottest”, i.e. those that most often fell out in the last spins are the “coldest”, i.e. the least common ones, which parity or color has been most often drawn, and a lot of other information that can be extremely useful. An experienced player will always use these statistics to make bets with maximum profit. As we all know, roulette is first and foremost a game of mathematical probabilities!
Differences between Sportingbet live casino games and standard games
Live games let you be in the middle of the action from the comfort of your home. In addition to watching the dealer, an important aspect that contributes greatly to the authentic casino feel is the fact that you are playing alongside other players with whom you can chat in real time, just like in a real casino.
Any player who has ever entered a real casino knows what a strong adrenaline rush you feel when you sit at a table with other players, place bets and wait for the dealer to deal cards or see the result of a roulette spin. . And, obviously, the feeling when playing standard slots, be it table games, is completely different, where, in the end, only you play against the computer.
Live games are fully mobile compatible, so you can access Sportingbet mobile for a new experience with real dealers.
Obviously, roulette spins and blackjack hands take a little longer in the live games of the Sportingbet casino than in standard slots. And that's fine, because you have to wait for the other players to finish placing their bets and then the dealer will deal the cards - in my opinion, this makes the game much more intense as well as more fun. Indeed, in addition to making a profit, the purpose of gambling is also entertainment!
If you are new to Sportingbet and you like their platform, I advise you to try their Live Casino section as well. Any roulette and blackjack enthusiast will appreciate this very modern way of playing that we can enjoy thanks to the very advanced stage that modern technology has brought us to.