Getting Started to Make Money Online
I created this page for those who wants to Start Making Real Money Online while avoiding scams!! All presented programs legitimate and proved paying. No short-lived Ponzi Matrix (when collapsed and need more money, their owners just launch another one!). No software (trading, binary options,..) or overnight get rich scams & gimmicks.    (IF CANNOT READ NOW? JUST BOOKMARK THE PAGE!)
*** If the list is too long? You can start with top Ones "description written in green" ***)

A. Get min 1 to 10$ daily for free & Goldmine for Traffic

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B. My actual TOP "Paying" programs:

#1 Down't tell me you didn't join FuturNet yet! They pay you while doing your daily activities: posting, liking, watching videos, commenting,.. Simply imaging Facebook sharing their revenue with active members.

#2 Amazing advertising platform offering Traffic that converts + Revenue sharing program, Try it 14 day for free and receive up to $30 in instant sign up bonuses.

#3 This company really figured the success system out and once you see the power, potential and simplicity of this service, you can then decide just as I did that this is the service for you.

#4 The-Vip-Team: Can join for free enroll in Demo version and look at your profit growing daily so when convinced just chose the right budget that fits for you!!.

#5 A simple program to earn from multiple streams of INSTANT income sources.

#6 Free membership get you 100 hits, cash and credits Surfing!
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C. For list building or in Pre-Launch :

#1 My24HourIncome has 2000 Members Registered in the first 24 hours, Why? Because it is run by Drew Burton (TRUSTED admin!) well knowen in Rev Share programs.

#1 Brand new Internet Marketing System that pays for doing simple online tasks like clicking ads , sharing social posts and watching videos, Join and get an affiliate link.

#2 One-time $7.00 to be able to send solo ad to the entire subscribed database, every 28 days forever. No matter how big the site gets. seriously check it out!


#1 QOSCLIX (sister of PATCLIX) Amazing fast growing PTC web site with only $2 minimum withdrawal. Serious Admin and paying program, free members can rent referrals and compound to earn more and more money.

#2 PATCLIX (sister of QOSCLIX) Amazing fast growing PTC web site with only $2 minimum withdrawal. Serious Admin and paying program, free members can rent referrals and compound to earn more and more money.

#3 Entrepreneur Unified make new products, websites, apps, games, etc from the help of their generous members like you, yes you! And share the revenue with them. Serious Admin.

#4 A revenue sharing site, trusted admin Register And Start Earning Huge

#5 A PTC and Revenue Sharing site, Still under test!!

SCAM NOT PAYING SITES: PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM SITES LISTED BELOW,,,,,,,,,,,2centads,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Earnmoneybux.comt,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, CryptoClix.uS, EuroProfit, CharmClix,,,,,