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Referral Contest
Author Topic: Referral Contest  (Read 1785 times)
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Mar 09, 2009 02:06 am

Referral Contest
This contest is based on the number of referrals bought. If any members bought the same number of referrals, the first buyer comes before the other.

Start Date: 10th march 2009

End date: 7th july 2009


1st Place: Wins 100% Number of Referrals Bought

2nd Place: Wins 75% Number of Referrals Bought

3rd Place: Wins 50% Number of Referrals Bought

4th Place: Wins 40% Number of Referrals Bought

5th Place: Wins 30% Number of Referrals Bought

Current Rankings

1st Place: No Current Users
2nd Place: No Current Users
3rd Place: No Current Users
4th Place: No Current Users
5th Place: No Current Users

For example: If you bought 100 referrals and you are in the 1st Place of this contest, we will give you 100 referrals for free.
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