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Suggestion for the Forum
Author Topic: Suggestion for the Forum  (Read 1279 times)
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Oct 03, 2010 08:36 PM

Hi  ems

I really miss the Vacation Thread  Cry  never mind )

But I have a suggestion for the referral -Exchanges, -Deals etc

Some times we make Exchanges with EMS Members and after a few Day's the Exchange site is Gone or whatever.
so we have to PM or Post in the Referrals Section that the Deal is over or changed to an other site.

Some EMS Member have so many Deals that they have a lot work to do to PM every body about the situation of his Site.
or every Exchange Partner have to watch this sections every day, if they are Changes with his Partner.

So my Suggestion is to open a new Thread only for Exchange and\or Deals Partner where they can put the situation about his Site. Whatever, if he will cancel a Deal or change the site, if possible?, something like the VACATION THREAD.

The Blacklist is not recommend, this matter concerns only Exchange Partners !

best regards tron123  ems


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