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Callysto Fortune [Paying with Proofs]
Author Topic: Callysto Fortune [Paying with Proofs]  (Read 1683 times)
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Mar 06, 2009 07:38 AM


Callysto Fortune is a little diferent form all others PTCs
Callysto fortune have the objective of add more earning sources in one only website

Current Earning Sources:
Surf Ads -> Classic PTC
Dice Gambler -> 2 Player game, higther numer wins
Heads Or Tails -> Luck game (50%) win or lose
Jackpots -> Classic jackpot scheme
Bounty -> Is like megajackpot but is only sorted when it have a good amount

NOTE: All sources give referral earnings

MyCollection -> MyCollection allow you build a webpage to publish the link, you can add websites with reviews to share on internet, that way you can earn more!
example: http://fortune.callysto.net/mycollection.php

Premiun account giveyou 300% more earns!

Our forum: http://callysto.net/forum
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