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New rules
Author Topic: New rules  (Read 3065 times)
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Reply #15: Aug 25, 2010 04:33 pm

What maderight and JJ are saying are valid points, I dont deny that.

But the point is why you want to resist people from having a PTC site with .info domain!

What you think good for investment can not be a rule for the masses! Do not force others to fall in line with you, we must respect others opinion.

Just because some oldies don't like to invest in the sites with .info domain does not mean that such sites should not be allowed to gain the "GPT Owner" badge!

I want to make this very clear that making such a rule will have bad effect on the PTC community. This will make the forum a private place for some oldies...

I don't understand why you are you again and again pointing out the cheaper rates of .info domains? Where as the authenticity and the stability of the PTC site solely depends upon the honesty of the site owner and not on the initial investment he/she made while buying the domain!

There are thousands of .com PTC sites who has gone scam, While awarding the "GPT Owners" Badge the domain makes no help! Whatever the domain type is if the intension of the site owner is bad, the investors are going to loose money. And the site with honest and skilled owner will definitely flourish even without having the .com or .net domain!

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Reply #16: Aug 26, 2010 05:08 am

How about Buxp.info/net? Buxp does not have .com either. But Buxp is a well-known, successful and one of the first ptc to use .info. no idea

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Reply #17: Aug 26, 2010 06:47 am

Ah discrimination - it's everywhere we turn - even down to TLDs.

IMHO: There are plenty of top notch websites out there that may not have the best domain extension!

Consider other countries like mine with .com.au domain names. A .com.au is a sacred thing in Australia, you need a registered business with an Australian Business Number to be even considered for one.

However, people in other countries see less importance in .au sites and prefer to click the .com in the search engines. This means that I have to buy both the .com and the .com.au to qualify for international traffic, and the .au's are upto $50 for 2yrs min.

Therefore, if I want a PTC site for the Australian market, and to be recognized as Aussie by Google, I need to have a .com.au, and then by the statements going on in this thread, I would be no better off here than if I just had a .info!

Country unique means .au .uk .us etc etc and none of them are being considered as .com's in this thread. Now while I'll admit the .infos are cheap and privvy to a lot of crappy sites, the same can be said for all the scam sites that impersonate Paypal and the major credit card companies in the Phishing emails everyone gets at some stage, that use .com's.

Neither the integrity nor the ability of the individual should be judged by the clothes he/she is wearing, and neither should the integrity of GPT sites be judged by the price of the domain name.

If you want to filter the amount of "badges" or registered site owners, then base the assessments on a set of criteria that is non-discriminatory on appearance or financial status, else this will be an exclusive "ole boys" club, and I hate smoking damned cigars and sipping port!

Instead consider things like - length of service - membership - integrity - payouts - page rank - template quality - content - mission -  and universal milestones akin to the internet way of life.

What are you going to do if they decide to release a dot xyz domain name for 50 cents a year.
Will it be okay to have a site called blahblahblahptc.xyz? But not blahblahblahptc.info hey!
I better rush out and register blahblahblahptc.com fast, because its obviously going to be worth a lot of money in the future.

I have .net and .info ecommerce sites that earn more than some of my .coms, and are customer preferred sites, and I am not talking PTC stuff here.

If the rules need to be changed, then that means changing the criteria, so do that without bias.

My 2 cents worth...............
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Reply #18: Aug 26, 2010 07:13 pm

Totally agree Aussiebob - couldn't have said it better than that.
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Reply #19: Aug 26, 2010 09:02 pm

We have went threw this argue many times so  Lips Sealed

As to your suggestion JJ, watch out what you suggest, you may be opening a Pandora Box with this Wink

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