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make money in the best ptc of Russia:luckybux!
Author Topic: make money in the best ptc of Russia:luckybux!  (Read 1148 times)
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Aug 18, 2010 03:52 am

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 make money in the best ptc of Russia:luckybux!
Recommended to join, please register!
Getting Started Step Russian Wangzhuan
1. Must be registered online banking webmoney, or not register the Russian site
2. And then add three purse number, respectively, WMR, WMZ, WME Add purse tutorial
3. Registration site when the number to see the complete purse, WMR beginning to write your number R at the beginning of the purse, the other two the same. Registered when the software must be running and online banking webmoney login.
Course registration and operation webmoney
1. Webmoney Introduction
webmoney (referred to wm) is a network of banks in Russia, now has reached 500 million registered users. Before use need to open a WMID, this ID can immediately chat with others, such as ICQ, MSN, like. The ID which can be equipped with multi-currency account, such as the U.S. dollar to thousands of accounts is WMZ, which is now more common at home and abroad WM account.
It has two kinds of usage: Keeper Classic, to download a software and a key file, more convenient to use, can be issued without certification section. Another is the Keeper Light, download a certificate, but if that first paragraph, if made by mobile phone authentication.
Simply put, webmoney is a network of currency can be paid to anyone on the network and receive payment for someone else, and can be converted into real currency or U.S. dollars.
More and more international companies and online stores began to accept webmoney payment.
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