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~~~Cheap Aurora Scripts~~~
Author Topic: ~~~Cheap Aurora Scripts~~~  (Read 721 times)
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Jul 23, 2010 07:52 am

Why buy a Paid To Click Website?

With the boom of the internet and hundreds of new ecommerce sites going up daily, they will be looking for ways to attract business. What better way to attract visitors to a website than through a Paid To Click Website. PTC sites are some of the most profitable sites on the internet. It\'s not uncommon for a new PTC site to have hundreds of member within the first couple weeks of operation. Many have thousands upon thousands of members. Advertisers pay good money to have their website seen by this many members.

Website Features

This item is a custom Paid To Click Website. The PTC site includes a paid to click area, paid to read emails area, paid to signup area, and paid to promote area. We will professionally install the website script,The website will be setup after payment using your domain name. The website pictures below are only an example of a website using this script. You must already have a domain name.

The website you are bidding on is very simple to run. Members join your site and click paid links, read paid emails, or signup at other sites to earn cash. When members click links, join other sites, read email ads, they are awarded points or cash. You control how many points or cash they earn for each ad. Advertisers and members who want to promote their sites or businesses, purchase ad space from you. It\'s totally up to you as to what you charge. You keep the 100% of the profit. This is not an affiliate website and nobody but you gets a cut of the profits.

Here are some of the great features of the script:

    1.The member signup process is completely automated. Once they complete the online signup form, their account is created and they can immediately log in and start earning.
2.Advertisers can view their stats at any time from their members panel.

      3.Secure password protected administration panel.

      4.PayPal and other payment processors already built in.

      5.Members are only allowed to visit each site once per day. This provides more unique visits for your advertisers.

-Member Area Features


      1.Fully automated sign up process. No waiting on verification or confirmation to earn. Sign up and earn!

      2.Add unlimited ads. Easily purchase hits for the ads.

      3.Full control of your points and cash. Assign points or cash to the ads you want or save to reach payout.

      4.Personal referral link to promote the site and add referrals.

      5.Easily update your information from the member panel.

      6.View the stats on any advertising you purchase.

      7.Easily convert your points to cash at any time.

      8.Use the redemption option to trade your points/cash for advertising.

-Administration Panel Features


     1.Change the signup cash or point bonus.

      2.Change the minimum redemption amount.

      3.Change the price charged for a Membership Upgrade.

      4.Easily change or update the site layout.
      5.Turn on or off payment processors.

      6.Change what countries you will accept members from.

      7.Update the prices for your advertising.

      8.Offer you members and advertisers sign up campaigns.

      9.Fully automatic banner rotator.

      10.Easily view advertising orders from one page.

      11.View member details.

      12.View inactive members.

      13.Suspend members.

      14.View/make payouts

      15.Credit/Debit user accounts.

    16.Advanced cheater controls.

      17.Add/Change referral contest.

      18.Send an email to all members.

      19.Send a paid email to members.

     20. Add referrals to a members account.

      21.Paid to promote admin area.

      22.Add/Delete websites in the rotator.

      23.Easily view the websites Cash/Point balance

      24.Make database backups from your admin panel.

Who wants to get this please send me a PM.The price are $5.50  thumbs up

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