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Hit the clock at HDTH Info
Author Topic: Hit the clock at HDTH Info  (Read 1486 times)
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May 28, 2010 08:35 AM


HDTH Info (http://www.halfdollarthousandhits.info) now celebrating 6666 members in its 4th month and we hope to get 10000 mark within 2 months as we are trying to get our site SEO optimized.Which will result in fresh and new members who are just new in our paid to click world.We are working hard to introduce new things everyday at it.We have introduced a new concept which we have named Hit The Clock Ads.

Now what is it? boogie

We have introduced this facility for the advertisers who are in the business of selling products, services etc. For them it is very costly to purchase hits at sites randomly. For example Aurora Scripts Seller, Hosting Services Seller, Websites Designing Sellers, Graphics Design Services, Readymade aurora sites sellers who were in the business and who will be in the business for years need new buyers to increase their revenue. Now they purchase link hits in different sites which is more costly and thus results in less profit margin for them for their products.

Hit The Clock is a type of rent system where we rent our site to you for a certain price and time period. Dont get confused. We will promote your products in all form of advertising like banners, link hits, featured ads etc for you at rock bottom prices (Obviously a major saving for you) It automatically means unlimited hits for a certain time period. It may be 7 days, 15 days, 1 month or for 1 year.

Now say you purchase Hit The Clock for promoting one of your product for  1 month. You will get endless hits but you need not to purchase bulk credits.

You just pay for weekly or monthly or whatever time frame you decide and then that ad will run at our site for that time period. It may be 100000 hits for $1 or 1 million hits for $1.(Just an example)

At present we have 6666 members which we expect to grow by 10000 in next 2 months.(Not sure but targeting that figure is different) so we have following prices.

1. Place your ad for 1 week-$2
2. Place your ad for 1 month-$4
3. Place your ad for 3 months-$10

We will increase the time frame further as well.

All advertisers who wanna make a contract with us for continuous advertising contact us. Make your payment to pawaneckjpr@gmail.com by paypal or alertpay then contact us at http:www.halfdollarthousandhits.info and write Hit The Clock in subject with Time period. We will credit you account with unlimited credits for that particular time period for that particular ad.

I hope this will help you a lot.

Admin HDTH Info

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