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Earn 30% of the commissions I earn by hosting a few sign up links of mine
Author Topic: Earn 30% of the commissions I earn by hosting a few sign up links of mine  (Read 1469 times)
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May 19, 2010 12:02 PM

Hey, if any of you are looking for some ads to host on your site, I am looking for someone to host a few mlm sign up links of mine on your site.  Will split the commissions with you 30/70 (you get 30% of the commissions, which will be paid at payout provided that the minimum threshold has been reached).  PM me if interested

Here are some sites I am looking for someone to advertise and what they are worth:
1. Global Domains International - as you know, I have been a GDI member for a while and have been straining to get sign ups.  Will pay you 30% of the monthly commissions I earn whenever you help refer people under me that get a web hosting plan, so if I made $100 in monthly commissions, you would make $30 in monthly commissions (huge monthly commissions are possible here too, up to 5 or 6 figures). 
2. Ozone Conferencing (looking for something that pays more than GDI, check this one out) - I have 2 links you can share: 1) the tier sign up link (will pay you $3 per sale they generate, payable at payout, so if you referred 5 sub affiliates under me and they each generate at least one sale a week, you would earn $15 for that week, payable when the commission check comes in) and 2) Ozone Conferencing's services (they offer web conferencing services and carry a 2 week free trial).  They pay you $21.45  per qualified lead that converts to a sale at payout
3. Matrix Mails - paying 30% of the commissions monthly per referral that upgrades to silver or gold status (recently upgraded to silver status and have started taking advantage of the 3x4 forced matrix feature they offer).  They also offer ptr, ptc, and gpt features as well.  Will pay you 30% of the comissions I earn from upgraded members, plus 30% ref back (or 30% of the monthly earnings). 40% ref back for active referrals you help generate
Again if you are looking to make a little extra cash, your help will be appreciated, and I will reward you for helping me to promote the 3 above links. BTW, I have plenty of ofther sign up links as well (such as dating gold, acme people search, etc).  Would offer those two per request.  PM me if interested in thos offer
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