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Halfdollarthousandhits.info. Discuss All Pros & Cons
Author Topic: Halfdollarthousandhits.info. Discuss All Pros & Cons  (Read 797 times)
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May 22, 2010 07:02 AM


Im the admin of halfdollarthousandhits.info. Its a aurora gpt. Thanks to all who have supported me till date. To viewz for providing me the best template, to KV for providing me all motivation, To Pedro who invested when i was in need and to all who have helped in different ways till date. HDTH info is in its 4th month and we are growing. We are paying regularely and open to discuss any problem. Well our forum says the rest.

As far as im concerned im Btech in Mechanical Enginering and masters in business administration. Online work is always my passion and the best friend of mine.  Cheesy

I will try my best to run this site as efficiently as i can.

This the is thread where you can discuss what you feel about us.

Also join the site post ur username here and get 5000 banner credits for free.

HDTH Info admin
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