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Dec 28, 2008 09:21 am


Some features of the software :

Here are some features of the software.

    * You earn money by displaying advertising (better than bars advertising)
    * You earn money to search with our search engine (better than google)
    * You earn money to share your bandwidth
    * You earn money to leave your computer act as a server

A very powerful social network

Our software includes an ultra-powerful social network.

    * Our unique ideas for our social network

To entertain

The software includes a multitude of ways to have fun. Here is a short list.

    * Listen to thousands of TV chain
    * We undoubtedly become the largest supplier massively multiplayer gaming player on the planet.

Dozens of tools to make money

    * Use more effectively thousands of web site (Paid-To-Surf)
    * Manage more effectively thousands of paying website

For businesses

We better serve companies with a complete software. Finding new customers is a breeze. To increase its turnover will be a true joy.

    * You will easily new contacts and clients
    * You can make advertising targeted
    * Create and manage your website
    * Building partnerships with other companies

100 levels, start today

From December 2008, download our software is totally free. By the, we will need a multitude of talent to complete the project, including:

    * Human resources
    * Editor to keep you informed
    * Hundreds of programmers
    * Unfographes
    * Traductors
    * Directors of partnerships
    * and much more.

We must therefore finance this huge project with your donations of 1 dollar. But in exchange, we let you start the sponsorship of what will soon be the most profitable software on the Web. With 100 levels to overcome that we offer, if you start today, youll finally the dream life youve always wanted.

Signup today to discover everything else and before its too late:
Only one dollar

For only 1 dollar, you will have the chance to start your downline on 100 levels. Imagine yourself how you can earn with 100 levels? They are incredibly enormous. Do not wait until it is too late.

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