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Author Topic: paidwatchers.com  (Read 974 times)
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Dec 27, 2008 05:32 pm

PaidWatchers is an innovative online money making program. Our program is 'First of its Kind' and is globally unique. You can join our website and start making money online by watching promotional video clips. PaidWatchers makes the connection between you “the members” and big advertising companies who advertise on our websites and our Video Page. Taking in mind the multi-million Video Brand sites on the rise, PaidWatchers aim is to take a profit share of the big online advertising industry and to divide it among the members. Imagine if YouTube shares its profits with the members?

We require members to purchase Video-Packs in order to limit the number of members who participate in our program. Another important reason is to have the viewers separated in few categories depending on their income. Our advertisers prefer customers with higher income and that's why we want to encourage wealthier people to join our program. This helps us to offer the highest quality of traffic we send to our advertisers. Rich viewers can afford to spend high on products. Poor can't. That's why it depends on your video-pack how much you earn.

AP $5

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